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What is Marble Kitchen Island? – Material, Selecting, and More

What is Marble Kitchen Island? – Material, Selecting, and More

What is Marble Kitchen Island?

The marble kitchen island is a natural material of great beauty, elegance and ease to work with. It has been imposing itself as a design trend in the kitchen, not only as work surfaces but also as wall coverings, furniture and multiple objects. Kitchens with islands must have a comfortable design whose style adapts to the rest of the space in a complementary way. For example, if the countertops are made of granite, you could combine them with wood or concrete materials and choose between a rustic or modern kitchen island.

But as an option for the kitchen, in addition to the aesthetic aspect, the characteristics of marble must be considered in comparison with other natural or artificial materials such as granite, quartz or porcelain to make a good decision.

What Kind of Material is Marble?

It is a metamorphic rock formed by limestone that reaches a high degree of crystallization. Its essential component is calcium carbonate, and only a tiny percentage corresponds to other elements or impurities, giving the variety of colors and veins they present. On the Mohs scale, it has a hardness of 3-4, much lower than granite, which is around 6. Its density is also lower, which makes it more porous.

What is an Island?

What is an Island?

Regarding space design, islands are surfaces, usually in marble or granite, which, in the case of kitchens, are in the center. They are located, leaving space around for mobility. Taking into account its location, it receives the name of an island just like the portions of land surrounded by water found on the planet because, in a certain way, the concept is the same.

The islands in the kitchen help optimize space, as well as being excellent options when a different place is required. They generally use to: locate utensils and decorations, such as breakfast bars, to add to the dishwasher or the stove. The distributions in which the islands have a significant role, such as when they have the dishwasher or the stove, are fashionable, relating to more modern styles.

Reflections for Selecting a Marble Kitchen Island Countertop

But this does not mean it should not use in the kitchen. All inconveniences can minimize in several ways:

  • Applying a specific coating every year.
  • Taking this as a rule, immediately clean any liquid.
  • Always use boards to cut and prepare.

On the other pointer, for those who do not want to take any risks, brands of quartz and porcelain countertops such as Silestone, Compacc, Delton, Neoliths or Kale, among others, have colors that perfectly imitate marble, without their problems.

One of the varieties of Carrara marble is Calcutta, much appreciated for its white color and pronounced veins (or streaks). It is the one that we present in these ten fabulous kitchens by Ardent & Pyke, Art of kitchens and Chelsea Atelier.

Is a Marble Kitchen Island or a Peninsula Better?

Is a Marble Kitchen Island or a Peninsula Better?

When it comes to choosing one of these styles, it all depends. It is partly a matter of taste; some will enjoy more the benefits continuity that a peninsula offers, while others will prefer the fluidity in their environment that an island offers.

But, on the other hand, it all depends on the design of the marble kitchen and its distribution. Expert kitchen designs will generally rely mainly on the space available. Designers will always seek to optimize the area in the best way to ensure aesthetics and the best practicality.

To pursue this objective, the following criteria can be taken into account:

1. Equipped with Cooking Zone

If you plan to reform your kitchen and have enough space to install an island with a cooking area, it is time to make that idea a reality. You will need to install the range hood on the ceiling above the plate. The island in the photo is large and square, with all four sides free. To allow good circulation in kitchens with an island. In the space between it and the worktop must be about 90 cm.

2. Kitchen or Office Island?

If you do not have space for both elements, you can decide to install an island with a bar for meals or breakfasts and equip it with high stools. So you will have managed to have it all. For the bar to be comfortable enough, it must have an overhang of at least 30 cm, although. It would be better if it were 40 cm.

3. Separate Environments

The kitchens with an open plan to the living room find in the islands a perfect element to divide both spaces. In leaving the kitchen area on one side and the living room on the other. The island in the image also has a built-in table, perfect for breakfasts and quick meals.

4. Long and Narrow

The islands can adapt, in terms of dimensions and shape. In the characteristics of the space offered by the kitchen. The ideal length for an island is around 2.70 m. It has enough space to house the cooking, washing and work area. In the image is a modern kitchen with a long and relatively narrow island that does not lack these three elements. The original touch provide by the ceiling, covered with green tiles arranged in a zigzag pattern. In from which the extractor hood suspend.

5. With Sink

Depending on the style we want for our kitchen, installing the cooking area. The extractor hood on the island can somewhat complicate. In that case, you can place these elements on the worktop next to the wall and install only the sink in the independent module. The image shows a large natural stone island with an integrated sink, high-spout taps and a food bar.


The kitchen is where food store, washed prepare, and its furniture design for such activities. An element that is of great help in the kitchen is an island. You can make any of the three uses but with the advantage of expanding. In the work surface and the storage area. Island kitchens are gaining ground in architectural design.

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