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Print Media Examples – Characteristics, Types, Advantages & More

Print Media Examples – Characteristics, Types, Advantages & More

Print Media Examples

However, the print media example is have managed to maintain its power, even more so after the fake news scandal that affected social networks. And it is that, although a blogger or influencer now has a voice -and a platform that spreads it- the function of the printed media is to inform impartially and, in some cases, publish offers, discounts and business press releases to fulfil advertising commitments.

What is Print Media?

Printed media are physical formats, in color or black and white, with written or graphic information, through which news of all kinds, from political to scientific, distribute or report, and includes advertising and events of general and public interest.

More specifically, they are any form of “ink and paper” communication that is not handwritten or typed, including magazines, lithographs, memorandums, newspapers, brochures, periodicals, and print material.

Characteristics of Print Media Examples

Its main objective is to spread information about events and news since it is the fastest way to reach the public. Also, they provide a lot of entertainment to the readers.

Although the growth of digital media affect print use, they are still a viable way to advertise.

  • They are of mass circulation, like newspapers, which are the most common. Brought to the home or sold at a newsstand, newspapers can publish daily, weekly or monthly.
  • The newspaper has the benefit of providing fast, cheap and tangible delivery of news and advertising: you can’t clip a pizza coupon from a radio ad.
  • As for magazines, they periodically deliver different types of information: in-depth coverage and analysis of specific events, not just the day’s news.
  • Info is the way to attract readers and possible customers.
  • Print media must place in the pointers of the customer, who is the one who reads the material and responds to the ads. Newspapers deliver to homes in most areas, but they can also deliver by mail, door-to-door, or at high-traffic locations such as stores, busy sidewalks, or events.

Types of Print Media Examples Advertising


The main types of print advertising are:

1. Newspapers

First, the newspaper is a printed communication medium that contains articles on different topics and news of an informative and opinion type. These media have much influence on the formation of the reader’s political, social and economic thought. Newspapers are publications that come out every day. In addition, they divide into various sections to meet the interests of different people. A newspaper has branches like economics, finance, sports, culture, entertainment, fashion, social, etc.

2. Magazines

Second, magazines are also periodicals. Generally, they are published fortnightly or monthly and are aimed at specific groups of readers. They include articles on diverse but specialized topics.

Undoubtedly, magazines consider the highest quality graphic print medium. This is from the technical point of view due to the superiority in defining images, colors and texts. In addition, they reach a more selective audience because they focus on specific topics. There are scientific, entertainment, specialized and informative magazines.

3. In the Municipality

Third, we find the fences. Billboards are printed advertisements that generate to be seen from great distances. Its location is appropriately planned to be in a high-traffic area and above the receiver’s eye level. The purpose of billboards is to capture the receiver’s attention, record an idea in their mind and convey a message. Mass communication is very effective because an unlimited number of audiences perceive its message. Some have interior lighting and others exterior.

4. Brochures

Fourth, there are brochures, and they have printed documents that contain images accompanied by relevant information. They use to disseminate and promote institutions, services and products. The most used flyers distribute hand to hand; they contain brief and concise information. Also, the trifoliate use, is divided into three parts and contains pervasive information. Typically, they use it to promote institutions such as universities.

5. Direct Mail

Finally, direct mail can use to reach selected groups of people. It may come in letters, brochures, and flyers sent through the mail. Companies have lists of select clients to whom they send their communication messages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Print Media Examples


  • Print media has a more significant impact on the reader’s mind, with deeper reports and analysis.
  • Among the main strengths of print over digital are tangibility, an enduring message and high credibility. Some people prefer to read print media over digital formats.
  • They are an easy means of spreading in any particular geographical area. For instance, a local newspaper is the best method to feast the news about any event on your site.
  • Flashy magazines are always popular with consumers. Often, they are read in a particular period, and monthly magazines are the best way to draw attention to any advertisement.
  • Some forms of print media consume a large next because they are trustworthy, significantly boosting attracts readers.
  • They allow you to select your own space for publicity. Therefore, the budget can manage when planning to advertise.


  • This is not the medium to use if you are looking for a global audience. Instead, the Internet has a much wider spread than pattern media.
  • Placing an ad in print media needs a lot of planning and time. In this case, you face a problem of flexibility, especially when working under tight deadlines.
  • There are many limitations when speaking to an audience, as a specific newspaper may not be available at all times for the audience. On the other hand, a being can access the Internet from anywhere and at any time.
  • An ad could get lost amongst all the other ads and viewpoints. Also, the shelf life of newspapers and magazines is concise as people tend to throw them away or put them away after a day of reading.
  • The production of print media is always more expensive than digital.

Examples of Print Media



They are the most general form of print media. They are brought to the home or available at newsstands, which is the cheapest way to quickly reach a large mass of people. Different types of newspapers cater to different audiences, and a particular category can select.

News Letters

They are publications that cover the main topic. People have to subscribe to newsletters, often for free. They are information for neighborhoods, communities, and groups interested in a particular case or event. They too use for promotional purposes, political campaigns or causes.


They provide in-depth articles on various food, fashion, sports, finance, etc. They publish periodically, and many of them are sold all over the world.


Most have gone digital, but they qualify under the print media category: the ads print on billboards, after all. They include text and graphics joint to make them more attractive.


They are the oldest print media use for communication and information. They allow writers to spread their knowledge on a particular topic. The cover various topics like literature, history, essay and many more, which increase our knowledge and entertain us.

Broca Hours

Also known as pamphlets, they are a type of printing that contains company or organization details.

In general, brochures are to go to keep the brand in the audience’s mind.

Steering Wheels or Flyers

Some big companies may not use this type of media for advertising, but it can be beneficial for small organizations to generate business. They must be sharp and eye-catching to attract people’s attention.

What is Print Media Examples Advertising?

We already know what advertising is, so now we will explain what it consists of when we talk about the printed type. As the name suggests, this is publicity on physical print media.

It is a type of advertising, print, which offers significant benefits if we seek to advertise locally. In addition, those who consume this type of format are usually loyal customers, so we will be able to reach a more select audience. Another positive aspect of advertising in print media is credibility since greater recognition is usually given on these platforms than on digital ones.


Today, print media types are a viable form of advertising and communication used by millions of businesses worldwide. This is physically print media, as opposed to digitally obtainable media. Print media use to inform customers, business customers, and prospective customers, and is available predominantly by subscription.

Print media reaches a large audience and allows companies to target specific audiences. Although a print media marketing campaign can be stimulating to build, it empowers businesses to grow their audience the old-fashioned way.

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