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What is a Series on Business? – Best, Entrepreneurs, and More

What is a Series on Business? – Best, Entrepreneurs, and More

What is a Series on Business?

There is a whole universe of series on business the different streaming platforms. It is not easy to opt for one or the other; we generally get carried away by the recommendations of friends and acquaintances. The world of companies and entrepreneurship has been reflected in many of them as a reflection of the world in which we live.

All services of this type, including Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus, have some series dedicated to the business world. Many of these series are based on true stories and have a motivating message that can give us a hand at any given time. Others are fiction, but in general, they have all been great successes or are at the moment.

The Best Series on Business and Entrepreneurs

Mixed with politics or corruption, business affairs give rise to good plots and series that keep us hooked. Whether they are honest or not, their protagonists have something that forces us to see how they make their decisions, who influences them or how their life changes in the company and the family. Here we collect some of the best series of business people and offices with plots directed toward the business world is recommended business series on Netflix, HBO and other platforms.

The Office

The Office is one of the most okay-situation comedies ever. Full of gags and the protagonist of memes, of mythical moments, that we all know by heart or have ever seen. And if you haven’t seen it, now is the time. One of the most watched series on all of Netflix that you can manage in Spain on different streaming platforms is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max. It is one of the best series for learning English but also one of the best business and office series. Short chapters, humor and a very entertaining and entertaining series, one of the excellent television series.

Silicon Valley

This HBO series is one of the best business and technology series, as we can guess from its name. A hilarious and intelligent comedy tells the story of a group of friends discovering a vital algorithm that changes their lives. An ideal series if you like the world of smartphones, technology, social networks and big companies like Apple, Google or Facebook. In addition, a very, very funny and fun series that will remind us of real characters or reflect all kinds of current messes in the world of technology, online security, etc.


Nick Tilman inherits a fortune from his father. Money with a somewhat dubious origin, he decides to invest in a cryptocurrency startup. One of the best series of entrepreneurs, business and technology, although different from Silicon Valley since we leave humor aside to immerse ourselves in a supply thriller, intrigue and with all kinds of secrets surrounding the company. However, there will also be investors, computer scientists and business people.

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul is one of the best lawyer series and one of the best business series in which we will meet Saul Goodman before appearing in the famous Breaking Bad series. In this spin-off, James McGill is the protagonist, Saul Goodman, before being Saul Goodman. As we met him in the series, McGill is a failed lawyer swindler and rogue who will do all kinds of business to dedicate himself to a more leisurely life.

Mad Men

Don Draper cannot be missing from any compilation if we are looking for the best series of entrepreneurs and businesses. Mad Men is a series set in New York in the 1960s. Precisely at the Sterling Cooper advertising agency on Madison Avenue. The person in charge of this agency is Don Draper, the series’ protagonist and a character who perfectly embodies the classic American dream. An entertaining sequence in which we will live with the day-to-day in an advertising agency, with the stories of its workers or with the American social customs of the time.

Paquito Salas

Paquito Salas is one of the best Spanish series you can watch on Netflix and one of the best business and entrepreneur series if you are looking for something fun, entertaining, laughter and sensitive. We will see all kinds of cameos by characters from Spanish cinema, engaging protagonists, dialogues that have conquered a large audience and a peculiar and fun Laquita Salas.

8 Tops of Series of Economy, Business and Entrepreneurs

8 Tops of Series of Economy, Business and Entrepreneurs

For those who did not travel during Holy Week, one of the best plans to do on these holy days is to enjoy the entertainment offered by platforms and channels such as Netflix, HBO, Fox, Sony and DirecTV, among others.

Silicon Valley, a Sitcom on HBO

The technological and computer boom of the 1980s inspired this series that brings together four seasons and shows. In the rise of industry giants such as Apple and IBM.

House of Cards and the Political World

One of the most famous Netflix productions tells the story of Frank Underwood and his insatiable desire for power. Despite being a series with a political tint. And also, it shows critical negotiation strategies.

The Sopranos, to know How to Manage

The story of the famous Tony Soprano transcended the world of the mafia and made. If this production one of the most recognized for skillfully portraying his management strategies effectively.

Mad Men is Among the Longest

On this list, the situation is one of the longest. In with seven seasons and 15 Emmy awards and four Golden Globes. And also, It reviews the history of Don Draper in the advertising world during the 1960s in New York.

Billions: A High Finance Series

This is one of the most distinguished series recently for showing an exciting plot. And also, In between Chuck Rhoades, a New York prosecutor, and Bobby Axelrod, a successful investor on Wall Street.

The Office, a Comedy Series

Everyday situations in an office, such as the work environment, moments of pressure and relationships. And also, In with colleagues, make The Office an ideal sitcom to laugh and enjoy with the family.

Girl Boss and Female Empowerment

Although it was cancelled after the first season due to intense feminist controversy, Girl boss. And also, set the trend by revealing the rise of fashion mogul Sophia Amoroso.

This production shows the greediest side of Marty Kan, who highlights concepts such as mergers and acquisitions. And also, public offerings, financial strategies, and other economic notions.

Four Rooms and How to Negotiate

In this production, vendors offer high-value collectables to four dealers, one by one. And also, In this way, the purest commercial skills are reflected to achieve it.


Explore business while relaxing and having fun with these series. You are watching a series, and being an entrepreneur is not at odds. And also, If you pay attention, you can learn one or more things about a business thanks to them. And also, The series transmit ideas; although at the time they were reviled as means of learning. If they have been considered informal means to acquire knowledge.

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