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Home Pod Mini Spotify – Audio, Services, Streaming, and Play

Home Pod Mini Spotify – Audio, Services, Streaming, and Play

Home Pod Mini Spotify

Apple released iOS 14.5 and other versions of its home pod mini Spotify operating systems more than a year ago. With them, many users wanted to improve their user knowledge with streaming music and audio services on their devices. Especially on Home Pods that were tethered to Apple Music. It’s been a while, and doubts have arisen. Was the update what you expected? Can Spotify be used with Home Pod without relying on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac? We will clarify all your doubts.

What is Home Pod Mini Spotify?

A few months ago, we erudite for the first time that Apple would tool an option with which its users could choose the music series on their iOS, iPad, macOS and even tv OS devices. A significant change for a company that, until now, could be said to have been forcing its users to use Apple Music if they wanted to fully enjoy options such as the use of voice commands through Siri or products such as the Home Pod.

Because until now, if you are required to use Spotify with Siri, you have to specify at the end of the command to use the service where you request a song, book or artist. And because to listen to music from the facility on the Home Pod, you had to send it via Air Play from an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

All this brings us to the current situation, in which Spotify is not integrated into the speaker itself, so it will be necessary to manage themes and other configurations on the best iPhone, iPad, Mac or whatever.

Apple and Third-Party Audio Services

After a long time of waiting, it was with version 14.5 of iOS and iPad OS that things changed in 2020, although not as many expected. Now it is true that you can use Spotify with Siri, but there are limitations depending on which devices, and it is not an option that allows you always to use a specific one by default.

Can’t Select Spotify Service?

As you may have noticed, in the Home Pod settings, there is no option to choose Spotify as the default service. This differs from other intelligent assistants such as the Amazon Echo, in whose app we can select the default music or podcast service or a third-party one to use with Alexa. In the Apple ecosystem, content playback on the Home Pod is different. The Home Pod system differs from the one we already know in iOS, iPad OS or macOS.

Can I Use Home Pod Mini Spotify?

Can I Use Home Pod Mini Spotify?

Ok, now that you know that Siri from versions 14.5 of iOS and iPad OS opens its hand a little, you will wonder if it is also like that in the Home Pod, since it uses the same system as the iPhone, and we can update it with versions higher than iOS 14.5. Well, we have to tell you that, unfortunately, it is still not possible. If you go to your Home Pod and ask it to play music, it will still turn to Apple Music as the only option. What’s more, if you ask him with the command “Hey Siri, play C. Tanana on Spotify”, he will answer that the app does not allow you to do that with Siri.

So, the Home Pod continues with its limitations. Despite being a good product in terms of sound quality, Apple Music makes many users decide not to bet on this intelligent speaker. Although Siri’s performance is already more than enough reason to rule it out compared to options such as Amazon’s with Alexa or those that include Google Assistant.

Play Home Pod Mini Spotify (with your iPhone)

However, things are different with other equipment, such as our iPhone. If we only say the name of the artist or song to Siri, it will ask us where we want to play it the first time.

Once the service has been selected, you will no longer have to do it again because it will remember the choice. And you can do that independently for music, podcasts, and audiobooks. This means you can use Spotify to listen to music, Audible for audiobooks and Pocket cast for podcasts. You only need to have the application installed on your iPhone or iPad. Although, the good news is that there is a little “trick” to bypass this function from our phone or table to the Home pod. We will tell you a little more ahead.

How to ‘Use’ Spotify with Siri on your Home Pod

As we told you a few lines ago, there is a way to carry out this process. However, we want to warn you that it is not the most comfortable, functional or practical way to do it. But, even so, it is currently the only one. To be able to do it, we will need both the Home Pod and our iPhone at all times. Now you have to:

Now ask Siri, through voice commands, to play a song or artist that you like. This will cause the wizard to ask you where you want to play this content, to which you will have to select Spotify. Done this, and from now on, Siri will always play the songs you ask for in this music service.

Going to the Home Pod settings, enter the “Home” app on your phone. In your list link devices, please scroll down to locate the Home Pod and press it to display its settings.

Will Apple Ever Free the Home Pod from Apple Music?

Well, see, that seems to be a great question. Will Apple one day release the use of Home Pod with Spotify? Is it Apple’s fault that this does not happen or Spotify’s? Whether Spotify decided not part of the core group of third-party music providers for the Home Pod or whether Apple didn’t offer them the option outright isn’t entirely known. The only implementation done for the user is support for AirPlay 2. However, this implementation cannot consider native.

For example, Pandora (only available in some countries that do not include Spain) was the first application to offer integration with the Home Pod. It requires having the application installed on the iPhone to be able to add it to the Home application. So it could use without sending the audio via AirPlay. However, with Spotify, it is different. The Spotify forums are full of users complaining that this implementation does not exist. Many have even gone so far as to unsubscribe from the service, considering that Spotify has taken a ‘little boy tantrum’ position.

Send your Spotify Music to Home Pod with AirPlay

As we said, the Home Pod does not have a native Spotify supply, forcing you to use another less comfortable functionality with the same result: AirPlay. Airtime is Apple’s wireless protocol for sending music and audio from your computers to your utterers, Mac, and Apple TV. To direct your music from Spotify to Home Pod or Home Pod mini, shadow these steps:

  • On your iPhone or iPad, expose Spotify and play the music you want.
  • In the lower playback bar, you will see a speaker symbol; press it.
  • You will see the option of AirPlay or Bluetooth that you have to push.
  • A window will display all the devices compatible with AirPlay, where you must choose your Home Pod.

After this, you will start listening to your Spotify music on the Home Pod. Do not forget to look at these 32 Spotify tricks to get the most out of the service. One of the advantages of this system is that if you have a Mac with macOS Monterey, you can send the music to the Mac in addition to screen sharing using AirPlay.

Streaming Music on the Latest Home Pod Mini Spotify Updates

Streaming Music on the Latest Home Pod Mini Spotify Updates

The latest Apple events revealed that more music streaming services would be available within the Home Pod Mini ecosystem. And it is that although it is true that the Home Pod design to work with Apple Music, more and more integration is seen with the most famous streaming music platforms, such as Spotify, Amazon Music and YouTube Music.

This means that very soon, we will be able to change the default music player of the Home Pod Mini to other music streaming services such as Spotify, for example. And when we say, “Hey Siri, play music”, use the service we have chosen instead of Apple Music. In several interviews, Apple said it would love to work with Spotify. We will have to wait for future updates to see that full integration into the Apple ecosystem. In the meantime, here’s how you can control Spotify on your Home Pod Mini.

Put Spotify on Home Pod from Mac or Apple TV 4K

Remember that your Mac has AirPlay built in, so we can also put Spotify on Home Pod Mini from your Mac or Apple TV. We have to open the Spotify app for Mac and look for our Home Pod Mini in the AirPlay menu.

If you want to avoid doing this every time you want to play music using the Home Pods Mini. It there is a solution. You can play any sound from your Mac or Apple TV on Home Pods. To do this, go to system favourites, Sound, and choose your Home Pod as the default audio output device.


Despite the push of platforms such as Apple Music or Tidal, Spotify. In is generally still the most popular application for accessing streaming music. However, the popularity has not led to compatibility with Apple’s Home Pod and Home Pod mini. And despite this lack of love, combining both elements is possible. Although the Home Pod and its little brother, the “mini”, with native support for listening to music without cables. I cannot use it, they can pair to eliminate this obstacle. It doesn’t offer the same experience as Apple Music using AirPlay built-in natively. If the result gets us through without a hitch, doesn’t differ too much. You don’t have to switch platforms.

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