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What is Business of Example? – Model, Plan, Ideas, and Successful

What is Business of Example? – Model, Plan, Ideas, and Successful

What is Business of Example?

In other words, a business of example is an economic activity that seeks to obtain profits mainly through selling or exchanging products or services that meet customers’ needs. It can include one or several stages of the production chain, such as extraction of natural resources, manufacturing, distribution, storage, sale or resale. Sometimes the term business is used to designate the commercial premises where a good or service is sold, such as a restaurant, a clothing store, a pharmacy, etc.

What is a Business?

A business is an operation carried out to obtain mainly economic benefits; it will include any occupation, procedure, or system whose purpose lies in the gain of something in particular. Thus, a business may consist, for example, of marketing a product or providing a service. Companies are directly linked to an organization’s production, which incorporates it into its structure and uses it for buying and selling activities. In this way, a business and an organization will continuously operate together, subordinating each other to obtain benefits.

Business of Examples

Here are some business examples:

  • Auto repair shop.
  • A store that offers facial care products through the internet.
  • Hairdressing service in a spa.
  • Service offered by a mechanic.
  • A bakery that offers its goods.
  • A baker is offering his services.

Business Model Examples

The theory is very nice, but the examples of business models are much more so because they are USEFUL. Do you want to see how Google, Facebook, Amazon, or a successful Spanish company as different as Wall a pop generates value? Keep reading because digital business models diverge entirely from the traditional model.


I separate the new freemium business model from the rest and use it as an example because it is becoming extra popular in the world of apps. If many mobile applications have you seen that are freemium? How many games on the internet are free but then have micropayments inside? How many apps have a limited free plan? Thousands and thousands.


Google, that Internet giant that controls everything and that seems to have so many programs, websites and applications, what does it live on? What is your business model? How do you generate income? Well, although it seems very simple, it does everything through advertising.


Facebook could be Google’s little brother. It is a company that was born similarly and is growing at a very similar rate, so its business model… what do you think it will be?

Yes, they are advertising too. Facebook Ads has achieved stability and growth as a result of the popularity of Facebook Ads, which is undoubtedly the only serious competitor of Google Adwords, far above others like Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads or any other advertising system.


Amazon is much more than a portal that sells products; in fact, most products are not sold by Amazon. It is a company that provides services and puts all those online purchases in contact with what later arrives at your home.

What is a Business Model?

It describes how your company generates money and how it adds value to your customers. A business model, more than an unalterable document, is a variable structure in which you can experiment, test and develop different methods to control your costs and the flow of your income.

Examples of a Business Plan

We will show you some examples to help you simplify your business plan.

1. Zara Restaurant & Lounge Business Plan

This executive summary presents the commercial proposal of the Zara Restaurant & Lounge. The intention is to inform you about your financial and marketing plan that is focused on realistic projections.

2. Shoe Store Business Plan

This document analyzes the market of a shoe store specialized in the nautical model, whose marketing channel is only online. Within the summary, the following diagram is highlighted, which explains three critical questions of market analysis: what the company does, who it does it for and how it does it.

3. Express Ware Business Plan

Express Ware has database software at its core and is helpful for companies that want to cut costs by optimizing their efficiency and streamlining their business. In addition, this software will allow providing maximum customer satisfaction.

4. Duck Baby Business Plan

The Duck Baby crib brand intends to open a new sales channel. Because a lower investment is required than other alternatives, they have decided to opt for an online medium. Its target marketplace is women between the ages of 25 and 34 living in Europe and the UK.

How to make a Business of Example Plan with the HubSpot Template

Download the template to create a business plan:

  • Add cover information
  • Describes the mission, vision and history of the company
  • Designates the components of human capital
  • Develop marketing objectives
  • Identify the technology you need
  • Define your position in the market
  • Perform a competitor analysis
  • Determine your marketing strategies
  • Establish your prospect acquisition strategy.

Examples of Successful Business Models

The concept of the business model has evolved a lot; it goes beyond what is a business plan or a mere strategy to capture income, and, if there is something that has gained particular importance, it is… That the focus must always be pointing to the needs of your customers or users! This factor determines the success between a successful business model and one doomed to failure.

Examples of Business Ideas in the Financial Markets


Can the Internet be the solution to the excesses of the markets? Some examples of how the network could revolutionize the sector.

Nursing Homes

A business that has a long life ahead of it. And also, The number of older people is increasing every year, thanks to the growth in life expectancy, and represents several economic challenges and potentially profitable businesses.

Pet Protective Cover

To protect our furniture from the destruction of our best friends. When looking for examples of business ideas, don’t hesitate to look at products aimed at a specific market, a niche. And also, In this case, despite trying to teach their pets not to climb on furniture, many pet owners need a solution like this cover.

Online Human Hair Trading Platform

Realistic wigs worn by people with baldness or hair loss due to medical treatment are often made from human hair, and for this, there is a niche market.

3 Other Business of Example Ideas to Work from Home

Those who want to syndicate family life and work life, but with their own profitable business.

Locker Service on the Beach

You will now be able to bathe without fear of being robbed, even if you have gone to the beach alone. And also, It is surprising that even now, this service has not become widespread.

Virtual Fitting Room by Webcam

Because before buying clothes, it is always better to measure them. And also, One of the big problems with selling clothes online is the high rate of returns, and this tool might fix it.

Telephone Connected to the Mobile

Others will believe that you are at home thanks to this system, and thus you will prevent thieves from being interested in your house. Be famous for a day. And also, Take advantage of people’s fascination with celebrities. And also, This service would triumph among users addicted to selfies and likes on Instagram.

Business of Example Ideas to Make Money in Summer

Several ways to make your August particular. And also, In addition, on vacation, many people look less at savings, which makes it possible to imagine various business opportunities.

Concentrate on the Real Estate Sector

Moments of crisis are very suitable for restructuring and recovery too. And also, The real estate sector remains relatively unconcentrated.

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It is a document that sets out the details of your business. And also, It covers extensive information: what you will sell, what the market is like, what your plan to sell will be, how much financing you require, financial projections and permits, rental fees and other necessary documents.

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