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What is Saint Beauty?

What is Saint Beauty?


Saint Beauty is a line created by Cara Kill Pack, a blogger and makeup artist. The grease paint is designed to simplify your beauty routine by applying only one layer of makeup in one simple compact. Saint is known for its iniid foundation that consists of a highpoint, contour, blush, and illuminator combo. The iniid makeup uses Highpoint and Contouring (HAC), a highlight shade to brighten your face, and a contour shade to add length to your face.

What Makes Saint Makeup Different?

Since makeup is best designed to use only one layer on your face, you put the highlight color where you want highlights and the contour color where you want shadows. No need to layer. Each color comes in its tin that you put in the attractive compact so you buy only what you essential and there’s no waste. You can replace each container as needed and customize your agreement to your heart’s content! Also, since there is only one layer, it happens quickly, and you don’t need a lot of other products. It can simplify your beauty routine meaningfully and get it unhappy to five minutes. Everything fits into one compact.

Saint Makeup is Beauty Inspired

Saint Makeup is Beauty Inspired

We believe that seeking, experiencing, and cultivating beauty is the sacred work of saints. Saints aren’t made or created; they are recognized for the good they bring to the world. Similarly, we believe that we don’t make or create beauty; we recognize, nurture, and preserve it. Cara Brook founded SAINT in 2013 as a way to make makeup that enhances the true beauty in every woman’s face. You are not one-dimensional; your face is made up of varying colors and shadows. The signature 3D foundation improves skin tone, creating a lit from within glow. It can cover blemishes and dark spots and sculpt your already existing features.

Saint 3D Foundation

Using a traditional one-shade foundation causes a flat, cloudy look. SEINT’s 3D basis eliminates the need for multiple layers. SEINT’s 3D Basis makes it easy to modify a palette tailored to your skin tones. Eliminating the need for coatings upon layers of greasepaint. . It is cream based, so it is easily buildable for light to full coverage and is ideal for all skin types

Eliminate the need for waste with magnetic customizable tins and compacts. Fill them with your choice of highlight, contour, blush, illuminator, powders, or eyeshadows. Simplify your makeup bag, keep everything in one place, and say goodbye to buying colors you will never use.

Who Started Saint?

Cara Brook Kill pack started Saint as a beauty blogger at, where she taught makeup tips and tricks and showed many before and after’s. She created her makeup line and sold it online for two years before opening up her line for direct suppliers in early 2017. She had a vision in primary school and functioned hard to watch her dream come to completion! Her passion is helping women see the beauty in themselves!

What do I Need to Get Started with Saint Makeup?

The beginner compact has a highlight, contour, rouge/lip, and illuminator cooler. This is enough to get you ongoing, or you can also buy Saint highly pigmented eyeshadows, skincare lines, compacts, and makeup brushes. All the makeup brushes are double-sided, so they are mule-purpose, space-saving, and cost-effective! All of Saint’s products are gorgeous and of fantastic quality.

Should I Switch to Saint Makeup?

The primary traditional palette set, a brush, and a sponge are around $100, and they will last you months since the makeup is high quality, easy and fast to apply, and compact. Saint makeup is definitely for you if you are looking for simplified, top-notch makeup.

Is Saint an MLM?

Yes. Saint is a multi-level marketing business. But, it is set up, so you do not have to grow your downline. You can be a distributor. All distributors get 20-40% command on sales. You can learn more about becoming a painter HERE! There are so numerous perks and advantages to becoming an artist. Our team is a diverse side of women that loves to help females look and feel beautiful! We celebrate our differences in appearance, lifestyle, and business goals. If you want to be a distributor, that’s great!  If you want to go big and shape a team, we fully support and train you for that! The great thing is that you can decide how you want to do your business. This is a no-pressure team.

How much are Saint Makeup Products?

How much are Saint Makeup Products?

Products from Saint are priced as low as $12 for eyeshadow singles, $14 for foundation and lip/cheek records, and up to $175 for a grease paintbrush collection. Encounters and beauty tools range from $13-$36. All brushes double-side, so you get more bang for your buck. The fillable compacts are free when you acquire a certain amount of color singles.

What Sets Saint Apart?

Since makeup is entirely customizable and allows you to carry your entire makeup routine in a single compact, you no longer need to dig through a makeup bag full of bottles, tubes, and containers with Saint makeup. Each product sits gracefully next to each other in attractive tins that fit inside your compact. This allows easy access as you move your brush from one product to the next—everything you need – IIID Foundation, Lip Cheek, Illuminator, etc.– in one convenient place.

Another thing that sets Saint Makeup apart from others is the fact that it is long-lasting. Saint’s cream-based products move with your skin throughout the day, extending the life of your perfect look.

Saint Makeup Collections

With so many crops to play with, I reason the best way start with Saint is with one of their perfectly curated makeup collections. What makes these collections unique is that the groups come in various sizes. You can choose between a display that provides the bare essentials. Or there are options for the most advanced collection with everything you need to start.

What is the Having Method and Compact Feature?

What is the Having Method and Compact Feature_

Having allows you to accentuate your natural features and look like, you’re walking around with perfect lighting. It draws attention to eyes, sculpts zygomatic, brightens key areas, slims muzzles and gives dimension to your face in its place of ghosting it with one all-over color and then adding it back in multiple layers. It equals less grease paint in the end, too, with a similar high impact (or more) than use to.

Does Saint Beauty Work for Oily Skin?

Oily skin may require more steps but still obtain the benefits of the Saint system + creams. Ensure you’re providing your skin with enough moisture drinking enough water. Sometimes skin overcompensates for not having enough humidity by producing extra oil. You already know if you’ve tried the oil cleanser method. It seems counterintuitive to put additional oil on oily skin, but it works.

You can also use a silicon-free textbook before smearing makeup; Lebasque is a good one. Always set your makeup with a location powder, such as vanilla dust, and finish with a light setting spray to lock your look.

Mascara Beauty is Now Saint

You might have been earshot more and more about Saint Beauty, but what is it? That’s a pretty simple question to answer. Saint is or was Mascara Beauty. Beauty blogger Cara Stream founded Mascara in 2013. In 2020, she evident to rebrand and change Mascara to Saint. Saint is similar to Mascara in many ways, but some things have changed. Today, we will discuss the changes made because there are a couple of things you should know about.

This won’t be a review of Saint Beauty because we already did a consideration when it Mascara. Since the makeup didn’t change, the study won’t change. You can read all about makeup and whether or not we recommend it. We do not sell Saint makeup, so you’ll get an honest opinion.

Is Saint Make-Up Clean and Non-Toxic?

Saint is cruelty-free, paraben-free and gluten-free. It is not vegan because some of our products contain beeswax, and it has a meagre rating on the EWG scale. While they do not claim “toxin-free or hypoallergenic” titles because those terms completely unregular, all makeup ingredients cleanly source and highly refined.

They do not have SPF in their crops because SPF often causes “flashbacks” in photos and shows up as an extreme glare. I always use a conditioner with SPF as a base underneath my makeup because makeup with SPF is often thicker or can be blotchy. Plus, you’d have to put the makeup on to get enough SPF protection.


Saint Beauty created a 3D foundation that highlights and contours your face. Your face is not one-dimensional, so your makeup shouldn’t be either. The 3D foundation found on four parts – highlight(s), outline, lip/cheek, and Illuminator! You can do your whole expression with one compact and 1-3 brushes.

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