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Narrow Kitchen Table – Types, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Narrow Kitchen Table – Types, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Narrow Kitchen Table

A narrow kitchen table is a type of dining table with the same features as any other one but is thinner than most, making it perfect for smaller spaces and kitchens where space may be limited. Narrow kitchen tables fit between your kitchen cabinets and the wall, providing a thin work surface ideal for small kitchens or areas where extra counter space is needed without too much space.

Measurements of Narrow Kitchen Tables

Classic rectangular tables (in some cases, oval) are usually 90 cm wide. In some cases, this standardized measurement reaches one meter for greater comfort when placing fountains or decorative details in the centre of the table.

Tables measuring less than 80 cm are therefore considered narrow. For example, rectangular tables 70 to 75 cm wide are becoming more common (we have found them up to 67 cm), allowing four people to eat comfortably around them, and we refer to them when we talk about narrow kitchen tables.

Open Kitchen or Traditional?

The houses are evolving towards a new open concept in which the living room and kitchen are united. This allows installing a single dining room to serve the two areas, and it is often the table that serves as a transition element, at least visually, between the two rooms.

Even so, many kitchens remain separate from the dining room, either because there are people who hate the concept of open space (due to problems with odors, noise and cleanliness) or simply because the configuration of the house does not allow this type of project (or complicates it). Too…). In these kitchens, having an office area where you can eat without going to the living room is still a plus.

Types of Narrow Kitchen Table

Types of Narrow Kitchen Table

Narrow tables with folding wings: they are the option for when you need one that is as narrow as possible. The Lop model is a good option since from a size of 95×25 cm, you can extend it up to 95×50 cm and 95 x 75 cm.

Tables with book opening: the option for when the worktop becomes double in size when it is open and thus makes the most of the size of the table. One option is the 3.6 model, which has a wide range of measurements. see table 3.6

Table with front sliding leg opening: They are comfortable tables since you slide the legs through the front and lift the extension inside the table. When the legs slide, they do not bother the side diners. Livia’s model, for example, is an exciting option. See Livia table

Small extendable side table: When you do not have enough space, or it is a narrow space, the table can be extended on the sides. A good option is that it can develop using a sliding leg so that it does not bother you when you sit down. The Area model. is an option:  See the extendable Area table.

Narrow Kitchen Tables and Central Leg

Do you know that a table can have only one foot? They are an excellent option, and they are comfortable. They can manufacture in practically any size, and sitting at the table is very simple since there are no side legs that bother you. It must be stable, and for this, they must have a solid foot that is easy to clean. And the central foot tables can be round, square, rectangular… for small tables they are a success.

Based on what Criteria should you buy a Narrow Kitchen Table?

There are many factors to reflect on when shopping for a narrow kitchen table. But the most important factor is your lifestyle. You must determine where you will use the little kitchen table, how much space you have for it and what kind of shape would fit best in your room. These questions can help guide your decision process and ensure you don’t make a mistake in the purchase.

There are many factors to reflect on when comparing a narrow kitchen table, and it’s essential to compare each little kitchen table’s value, features, and price before buying one. Many people avoid seeing these three things when buying their first narrow kitchen table, which can be very disappointing later.

What are the Advantages and Difficulties of a Narrow Kitchen Table?


The advantages of a narrow kitchen table are that they provide you with more space compared to other types of tables. In addition, they allow easy access and can use in any room or area with little space.


The most significant disadvantage of a narrow kitchen table is its cost. In which is usually more expensive than its comprehensive counterparts. Another potential downside is that they take up less visual space, meaning you can’t fit as many chairs around them if you have a large family or social circle.

What is the Price Range of the Featured Products?

What is the Price Range of the Featured Products?

Our review’s cheapest Narrow Kitchen Table costs around EUR and is ideal for money-conscious customers. However, those willing to spend more money for better quality. It can also spend around EUR on one of the more expensive products.

What Products do Customers receive Best?

One Narrow Kitchen Table product in the review stands out with many ratings, namely the Amazon Basics product. In which has rate 9177 times.

The product rated best by customers is the current 5.0/5.0-star Amazon Basics product.

How do you distinguish if a Round Table is Suitable?

There are several ways to know if a round table will be a better fit for your available space.

  • Measuring the space you can have is the most basic, considering. In the access doors, windows, drawers and even the doors of furniture and appliances. This will be just an idea, but it will help you rule out options.
  • Outline the table you have in mind by placing the adhesive tape on the floor. It to give you a better view of the remaining spaces and what you need.
  • You can even cut out the table’s silhouette on paper or cardboard and place it on the floor. This way, you can move it as needed and make sure you choose the correct size and shape.
  • Do not forget the space behind the chairs. It often overlook that chairs also require space. In general terms, at least 60 cm left between the edge of the table. All the wall so that it can remove and sit down quickly.


Narrow kitchen tables are essential in many modern homes with limited surface area. Allow you to eat comfortably in the kitchen while gaining space to prepare dishes in the work area. For this reason, we successfully explain the standard measurements for a dining table and the ideal sizes. It for narrow kitchen tables that allow between two and four people to eat comfortably. We look forward to helping you control what the needs are for your own home.

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