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Lifestyle Barbershops – Successful, Customers, Social, and Ideas

Lifestyle Barbershops – Successful, Customers, Social, and Ideas

Lifestyle Barbershops

Men’s lifestyle barbershops and hairdressers are among the most profitable business because they have managed to reach the male public and recover the classic cut and beard grooming tradition. In part, its popularity has been motivated by urban fashions, inspired by past times, and an idea of ​​the most elegant and well-cared-for masculinity. Men also like to care for their styling, hair, and skin. For this reason, more and more people want to be served by a barber who specializes in men’s haircuts and is knowledgeable about both new trends and the traditional style.

How to be a Successful Lifestyle Barbershops

Next, we will tell you a slight about what it means to be a successful barber:

Practice Active Listening

First of all, a successful barber is one who, before the series, empathically listens to his client and understands what he is looking for according to his pace of life and personal preferences. A good barber listens to his client and, in addition, recommends different options according to the client’s demand, always in line with current trends.

Get the Right Training

On the other hand, a good barber must train for the trade, and it is essential to prepare yourself sufficiently through training courses at specialized centres. Similarly, knowledge must constantly update according to trends or new techniques that arise in the market. Workshops are start other excellent alternatives to specific polish methods and practically learning others.

Treat your Customers with Excellence in Lifestyle Barbershops

Treat your Customers with Excellence in Lifestyle Barbershops

In the same way, being a barber means having first-class treatment with the client. In this sense, managing interpersonal relationships in barbers is one of the essential skills or aptitudes of the trade. A barber must have a good conversation topic with his client and be friendly and attentive to any concern or doubt during the service.

Customer Guide

Being a barber also means guiding the client: after the service, the barber can make specific recommendations regarding the care of the cut and the beard for the client. Likewise, it is the responsibility of the barber to recommend to his client the time for the next appointment to maintain the cut and lifestyle.

Have a Vocation and Passion

Ultimately, being a barber means having a vocation and passion for the trade. Beyond caring for the client’s hair and beard, being a barber means seeing the world through the eyes of your clients, thanks to the conversations you have with them and, also, to the help you give them in terms of their body image. And self-esteem.

The Economic Contribution of the Barbershop in Barranquilla.

The barber trade in the city has been growing since approximately 2015; it estimates that there may be 2,000 barber shops and 4,000 barbers in the district, each earning between 1,500,000 and 3,000,000 million pesos per month. It can estimate that the barbershop’s union moves around 800 million monthly purchases of supplies (necklaces, powders, colognes, shaving creams, gels, oils, disinfectants, and blades), apart from what they pay in rentals of premises and public services.

We talked with José Campos, a distributor of furniture and products for barbershops. He explains that they only handled furniture for hairdressers, but that the force with which the barbershop entered in 2015 was so strong that they decided to join the business of distribution of products and tools for barbers, which has allowed them to create ten more jobs in their company Men plus.

The Social Contribution of the Barbershops in Barranquilla.

Behind every barber, there is a story, some dreams, and concerns; he is a being just like you and me; he puts on his ‘clown’ suit so as not to show that he is hungry, in pain, sad or worried, and is ready to serve the client with his best smile, to the point that sometimes he acts as a counsellor, and lends his ears to listen to one or another story of a client.

The barbershop has made some talents change firearms and knives for hair clippers. Many barbers have dignified and given meaning to their lives. Today they are achieving their dreams and goals through the trade of grooming and cutting hair and beards.

5 Ideas to Decorate your Lifestyle Barbershops

5 Ideas to Decorate your Lifestyle Barbershops

  1. Cave for men: These environments characterize by combining classic furniture and decoration with industrial-inspired elements, such as metal lamps, retro fans, and accessories made of recovered wood and forged steel. The leather upholstered chairs, Chester-type sofas, exposed brick walls, and dark wood floors are constant in these environments.
  2. Classic barbershop. Unlike the previous idea, which recreates a style, this one has a more genuine component. You can still see some examples in those neighbourhood barbershops, run by older men or in the movies set in the 50s – 80s. They use quality classic furniture, precious barber chairs, old photographs and original hydraulic tile.
  3. Urban / Hipster: With the rise of urban fashions in the 21st century, we see environments. In which various trends combine, related to the mixture of tradition and the city’s lifestyle. In these barbershops, we can see grained and light wood panelling, and classic furniture. Graphic decorations, recycled elements, and bicycles are one of the pillars of today’s urban eco culture.
  4. Minimalist: In this type of environment, simplicity and eliminating unnecessary elements are chosen to offer a neat, elegant, avant-garde space. To give shape to this style, you can use straight furniture in light tones and contrasting chairs upholstered in black leather chrome steel feet the mirrors, always with a simple frame or without it.
  5. Contemporary: In these environments, we can appreciate decoration marketing in an eclectic and urban style with its own identity. In them, we can see straight and simple furniture, combined with white tiles and touches of colour. Which detracts from the seriousness of an environment, presided. If over by the classic barber chairs, upholstered in black or brown leather. Unlike the previous styles, here we see a mixture of ideas.

Barbershops and Gentlemen’s Club in a Vintage Setting

The charm of these establishments goes beyond the hair work. If carried out, it is a return to the past that helps us relive a unique experience. It has recovered for men of any condition and preference. Of course, without giving up the latest contributions that technology offers us in this sector so that, in this way. It can recreate in a meeting point in the newest fashion. Depending on your tastes, you can choose to have a traditional haircut, or trim your beard. A spend a pleasant time in one of the fashion centres.


Barbering is one of the oldest trades. The trade originated in Greece and Rome, cultures in which personal care was essential, especially in the most privileged classes. As civilization evolved, so did the work. For example, it is said that at the time of King Louis XIV (around the 17th and 18th centuries). The monarch had a barber-hairdresser dedicated exclusively to the care of his wigs. Similarly, barbers were also in charge of shaving the face and even cutting the nails, beyond cutting the hair.

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Lifestyle Barbershops - Successful, Customers, Social, and Ideas

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