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Suunto-9Baro Endurance GPS Watch – Product, Design, & Features

Suunto-9Baro Endurance GPS Watch – Product, Design, & Features

Suunto-9Baro Endurance GPS Watch

A Suunto-9baro endurance GPS watch is a brand that cares a lot about the aesthetics of its products, and Suunto-9Baro Titanium is no exception. The watch’s sober, elegant, and discreet design has enchanted us, and we have used them daily. In addition, the Finnish brand also has it available in Black color for those who prefer it.

We put it on our wrists and immediately check that it fits perfectly. This aspect is essential so the sensor can read the pulsations correctly (we explain the correct way to put it in the next section).

Product Description Suunto-9Baro Endurance GPS Watch Titanium

Product Description Suunto-9Baro Endurance GPS Watch Titanium

  • Suunto-9 factory and headquarters in Vantaa, Finland, now use 100% renewable energy.
  • This means that all Suunto-9 to products in Finland are also made with 100% renewable and carbon-neutral energy.
  • In 2021, that was 85% of all Suunto-9 products.
  • This is an excellent addition to Suunto-9 effort to minimize their emissions, which they do by manufacturing high-quality and durable products.
  • They are made in Finland with 100% renewable energy.
  • Ultra-endurance GPS watch with exceptional battery life and barometric altitude.
  • Comes with a strap in two lengths.
  • Features: AS TOUGH AS YOU ARE: When you have a goal or an adventure in mind, you need a watch that can last the distance too.
  • Suunto9Baro Titanium is an ultra-rugged multisport GPS watch with up to 7 days of continuous exercise tracking.
  • Featuring a titanium bezel, sapphire crystal and an abrasion-resistant textile strap in two lengths, this durable watch has tested to US Military Standard 810H.

Design and Manufacturing Materials of the Suunto-9Baro Endurance GPS Watch

As I have told you, the watch is the evolution of the previous model, the Spartan Ultra. The design remains very similar, as it has not become obsolete. The handling of the watch is still mixed, a mix between the touch screen and the three buttons on the right side of the device. Ze, the eye is kept large if you have a narrow wrist. On the other hand, its 50-millimetre dial and 16.8-millimetre thickness make it too bulky for very slim wearers or women. Perhaps it is convenient for the brand to lease a slightly small version for these users. The Garmin Fenix ​​5S is a very successful option.

Technical Characteristics of Suunto-9Baro Endurance GPS Watch

After verifying that the Suunto9 is similar to the Spartan Ultra on the outside, the anger will be found inside. The brand has armed it with a new GPS   chip. This substitution is not motivated by accuracy problems in the GPS of the previous model but by the severe problems the user had when swimming with the watch.

The manufacturer wanted to guarantee great GPS accuracy when the athlete starts swimming in open water.

The most important specifications of this model are:

  • Water resistant to 100 meters deep.
  • Device functionalities timer, stopwatch, and an alarm.
  • Temperature range for proper operation. From -20 ºC to 55 ºC.

GPS compatibilities: Currently, the manufacturer does not mention its compatibility with the European Galileo network or the Russian GLONASS.

Internal sensors: It comes equipped with a thermometer, an altimeter or barometer (*), an optical pulse sensor (the Spartan Ultra did not have it), an accelerometer and a compass or gyroscope.

Device connectivity: Use the  Bluetooth connection to synchronize mobile applications with the watch systems for speed, race or power.

It has Mobile Notifications and Synchronization of its Functions via Bluetooth.

Keep a record that allows you to monitor your daily activity. The paper counts the distance travelled, the steps taken, the calories consumed and even the hours of sleep. The latter is done through the new Suunto9 application. It will also monitor your pulse during the last 24 hours and the heart rate you have while you are at rest.

As I will comment extensively later, the autonomy varies according to the mode, from 25 to 120 hours in its most extended version. Using it in standard watch mode can last up to seven days with mobile notifications.

Sports and Navigation Features of Suunto-9Baro Endurance GPS Watch

In this facet, the watch again resembles its predecessor, the Spartan. It has about eighty sports profiles, including double or triple, to practice sports such as duathlon or triathlon. These profiles can configure with up to seven data screens to monitor speed, altitude, heart rates, vibration alerts, and manual or automatic lap markers.

You can even distribute those 7 data in different columns, which is very useful for interval training.

Like the previous models, it has two data acquisition systems that give it great precision:

Fused Alti: It provides a precise altitude by combining the data provided by the GPS with that of the barometer.

Fused Speed ​: If the GPS signal is lost, it will compensate with the information provided by the accelerometer.

The software provides information regarding the physical load performed and the recovery functions required. As for the navigation functions, you will have a storm indicator and routes with navigation by points of interest and by route profiles.

New Battery Features

The manufacturer has tried to solve the problem of achieving a long battery life to respond to the requests of ultra-distance runners. However, until now, the management of the battery depends on the sport you practiced. Thus, you had to configure a series of parameters using the battery according to the sport, so these configurations were not helpful when performing other activities.

Suunto9 devise different battery management so that the modes of battery use are not related to sports practice. As a result, the watch now offers up to three and a half different battery management modes to any specific sport.

The Fused Track System or get Routes without GPS Data

The Fused Track System or get Routes without GPS Data

The Suunto9 brand used its Fused system in previous models, which used the GPS database to combine it with other data provide by the watch indicators and thus obtain patterns of help in the activity. However, the Suunto9 model create the Fused track system, which does not seek to provide further precision to the GPS, but instead offers a location when there is no data update.

Data updates are every 60 or 120 seconds extend battery life modes to achieve lower consumption. Unfortunately, this makes you have a less precise location when running. To alleviate this lack of updating, the watch collects the data provided by the accelerometer, the compass and the gyroscope to combine them with offer by the GPS every 60 or 120 seconds. In this way, it gives you the position in which you find yourself.

The reliability of this system has some gaps since it design to calculate the position using reliable and quality data that is not achieved with activities such as cycling, in which the accelerometer does not provide the exact speed. Also, you have to calibrate the compass in a precise place so that it is affect by any object and that the data it returns is useful.

Disadvantages of Suunto9-Baro Endurance GPS Watch

The model, despite its remarkable evolution, has some disadvantages  compared to its direct competitors:

The base map: Models such as the Garmin Fenix ​​5 Plus or Garmin Fenix ​​5X have integrated color base maps. This can be a significant handicap.

Lack of integrated music and wireless payments: Despite being mountain watches for use over long distances, these devices have become everyday items. Its competitors have seen it this way and incorporated these functions that this model does not offer.

The lack of compatibility with the new European Galileo network or the Russian Gleans is detrimental in certain situations.

The applications of the brand continue without open. Unfortunately, this causes a limitation when customizing the watch, something that other brands offer.

The final small problem is that the brand has two applications to manage the watch, the new  Suunto9 app and the old one, Move scout. Of course, the two are compatible, but this duality can lead to many problems.


In this section, I want to highlight the possible alternatives other brands have in their catalogue. Nor will I address the differences in depth because, for this, you can go to the respective post of each model.

  • Garmin Fenix ​​5 Plus
  • Polar Vantage.


Suunto-9 today presents a new model, the Suunto9Baro Titanium. More than a new model, it is a unique finish for the current Suunto-9Baro. Both changes allow the weight of the watch to reduce to 66.9 grams. Which is not an alarming figure for a look at the size and volume of Suunto9. The reduction is about 14 grams, half for the new strap and the other half using titanium instead of steel.

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