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Great Gatsby 1920s Men’s Fashion – Party, Clothes, and More

Great Gatsby 1920s Men’s Fashion – Party, Clothes, and More

Great Gatsby 1920s Men’s Fashion

In 2013, The Great Gatsby 1920s men’s fashion was a movie that revived interest in 1920s men’s fashion is enormous! And it’s not fair to the ladies who want to transport back some vintage class. 1920s-inspired men’s clothing has made its way into Ralph Lauren’s collection and among other top fashion designers. Have you noticed men’s vests, shawl lapel sweaters, newsboy caps, and white-collar shirts in your local section stores? These clothes began their admiration in the 1920s, and now they are back today. Thankfully, that makes it much easier to re-create The Great Gatsby clothes for men.

What is a Gatsby Party?

After the 2013 Great Gatsby show, there’s been a tremendous demand for 1920s men’s fashion. The 1920s-inspired men’s clothing has made its way into Ralph Lauren’s collection and among other top style designers.

Somebody might ask, is it hard to organize a Countless Gatsby party at home? The answer is NO! Remember to add the following elements; you’ll surely get a victorious GG Party this weekend.

Feathers of Great Gatsby 1920s Men’s Fashion

That’s it! Nice and easy. And the next part is the clothing code. While a lady can wear her favorite flapper girl costume and gets a wig, it is worth discussing the gentlemen’s dress here.

Let’s start with a complete guide here:

  • An authentic 1920s formal look is dissimilar from modern fashion in many ways. A couple of favorite designs of 1920 suits are:
  • Textured wools, tweeds, herringbone, check and thick strip patterns.
  • Suit pants came up very tall on the waist.
  • Add suspenders to your pants.
  • A matching vest is a must.
  • And don’t forget the 1920 blouse styles:
  • Early 1920’s men’s dress shirts had white removable collars.
  • Wearing a barred shirt with a white collar will immediately transform your modern suit into one from 1920.
  • A bow tie will make you look more vintage than a necktie.

Fashion of Great Gatsby 1920s Men’s Fashion

The Roaring Twenties was when Americans began to free themselves from the stricter Victorian and Edwardian eras in both attitudes and style. Also known as The Jazz Age, inspired by the rising popularity of Jazz music, the 1920s represented a shift in thinking, particularly among younger women, who began subverting expectations on how they dress and behave. Men’s fashion also began to shift away from the darker, more rigid colors of menswear in the previous century and toward more vivid and luxurious fabrics. While the 1920s was a time of increasing freedom, it was also the time of prohibition of alcohol, which led to the rise of speakeasies and other illegal ways of celebrating, which play a vital role in the Great Gatsby and the character of Gatsby himself.

1920s Clothing the Great Gatsby 1920s Men’s Fashion

The Great Gatsby grounds itself in the upper-class world of West and East Egg, fictional communities modelled on Fitzgerald’s stay in Great Neck, New York. The novel moves between Long Island social elites and the grittier world of New York City. Nick Carraway arrives on Long Island after taking a job as a Bonds Trader, with aspirations toward wealth, embodied by his cousin Daisy, who lives across the bay with her wealthy husband, Tom Buchanan. If Nick befriends and dates Daisy’s childhood friend, Jordan Baker. Nick learns that Daisy’s husband has been having an affair with Myrtle, a married woman who lives in the city and whom he and Tom visit early in the novel. It Nick becomes intrigued by his neighbor, Jay Gatsby, who keeps mostly to himself while throwing raucous, elaborate parties at his palatial estate.

Great Gatsby 1920s Men’s Fashion Movies Clothes

Great Gatsby 1920s Men's Fashion Movies Clothes

The Great Gatsby

In this scene, Jay Gatsby is robed in his finest suit. And also, It is brown wool, peak lapel, windowpane pattern, and four button jacket with a slit breast pocket. He has a coordinating high V-notch button-up vest (probably six buttons). His pants are of the same cloth, and though I can’t see the details, I assume they are flat in front with a single pressed crease down the obverse legs. Since this is 1922, the limb widths are definitive, not thin like jazz outfits or wide like they will be in a few different ages. And also, His shirt is a light blue, piercing collar, French cuff, with a lapel bar holding it neatly.

Nick Carraway

His wealth is nothing to Gatsby’s. Thus his suit is typical for a middle-class man. He is wearing a notch lapel, dark chocolate wool, and a three-piece suit with a coordinating vest and pants (his pants may be an even darker brown instead of matching, another sign that he is a middle class).  His vest is a traditional six-button, high V vest with piercing tips. And also, The shirt is a light pink yarn dress with a contrasting white pointed button-down collar. Removable white collars were a famous men’s shirt accessory for over a decade. It allows the shirt to last longer by only replacing the shirt collar when worn out or stained.

Tom Buchanan

The man everyone wants to hate looks gangster-like in his double-breasted, peak lapel, blue wool suit.  His matching blue vest is also double-breasted and fitted very high up, exposing only the knot of this maroon and black striped tie.  And also, His claim has two large patch pockets on the front and an angled slit breast pocket with a maroon and gold stars pocket four-sided. Tom’s dress shirt is a light blue piercing collar French cuff clothing shirt with gold four-sided cuff links. He appears as an extra gangster with large dark and round Aviator-style sunglasses.

Which Gats by Man do you Want to Dress Like?

At, I specialize in serving you find contemporary clothes with a vintage look. Here are some great choices to re-create the three Gatsby men’s panaches using new clothing. And also, To shop 1920s-style dresses, start here, where I have aggregated the best vintage-inspired 1920s men’s clothes I can find online.

1920S Men Suits

Suits: Medium brown, grey or light blue are the best colors to wear for suits in summer. Peak lapel suits were trendy, but so were notch lapels (A peak has the bottom lapel larger and pointed upward than the top collar. And also, A notch is a V cut out of the lapel). Suits fit high up, so a 4-6 button-up suit will be the most like the 1920s. Unlike today, men custom-made their suits to fit snug on the body. And also, When selecting a 1920s suit, find one that works well, not baggy. Learn additional about the history of 1920s suits or shop new 1920s-inspired suits. UK gentlemen should look here.

Buy 1920S-Style Suits

Vest: A matching suit, vest, and pants are a must for a Countless Gatsby look. He was rich and showed it through his synchronized clothing. Middle-class and working-class men did not always have the luxury of wearing a matching suits. And also, A jacket of the same color as the suit jacket would be acceptable. And also, If you couldn’t even afford a suit cover, then any vest in solid colors, fun plaids, checks, or windowpane patterns will be the object to wear. Vests could be single or double-breasted with six buttons up the front.


The 1920s escorted an era where women started to claim greater freedoms in all things, most noticeably fashion. And also, While the style of the first two decades of the 19th century carried over a tradition of corsets and heavy layers from the previous century, the new decade found women casting off many layers for more straightforward and lighter garments that allowed greater freedom, comfort, and movement. As lifestyles changed, fashion shifted, including a rise in hemlines, visible stockings, and sportswear as daywear, mainly tennis clothes. And also, The women of the 1920s lived very different lives than the generations before them, participating in many activities typically the property of men-drinking, smoking, sports, and dancing. And also, New activities demanded new ways of dressing.

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