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Fashion Write for Us

Fashion Write for UsFashion can be described as creating footwear, clothing, accessories, and jewelry of different cultures. The aesthetics and their mix and match into the outfits depict different ways of dressing, trends, and styles, which signifies self-expression, social status, and group belonging. Fashion describes the type, aesthetics, movement, industry, and brand.

What is the Fashion Trend?

A trend is often associated with Fashion and defines the type of clothing, design, or other accessories, like jewelry, hairstyle, footwear, etc., that are popular. Here, popular means that most people follow for a specific period. For example, a few years back, faded jeans and t-shirts were in trend, which meant most people, especially young people, wore faded jeans and t-shirts. In the 1970s, the sadhana cut hairstyle was trending like anything. Sadhana was a Bollywood actress who was very popular from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s. Her hairstyle became famous nationwide, defining the trend that most people follow by seeing each other.

Types of Fashion

Haute couture

Haute couture in the fashion industry has high and unique clothing designs. It has the creation of art and limited-edition clothes and accessories and applies to custom-made clothing for specific clients. When designing the clothes for the clients, they ensure they are hand-crafted, and the fabrics should be of the finest quality.

Economy fashion

To remember the characteristics of economic Fashion, you need to understand how it needs to be economical. In this type of design, the garments are mass-produced – efficiently and inexpensively. The cheap labor and material is used to increase the profits. You can see the economy fashion whenever you go to the mall during the sale. Economy Fashion is the most used because most people don’t have a high budget for clothing. However, this form of Fashion is not environmentally friendly. They are low-quality garments and can be used for a shorter time.

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