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data network write for us

Data Network Write for Us

Data network means the data which Affiliates the process, collect, and retain. It is used to configure the Online Services and in connection with the use of the Online Service, which includes but is not limited to the time of the transaction. The User IP address, username, URL, URL category, status, file type, result, virus ID, and other metadata or the other network traffic that is sent or received from Customer by the use of the Online Services, in detail and aggregated form.

Types of Data Network

There are many types of classification of the networks. They are

PAN (personal area network)

WAN (wide area network)

LAN (local area network)

MAN (metropolitan area network)

LAN (local area network)

The Local Area Network (LAN) connects multiple network devices and systems within a limited distance. The machines are connected using the various protocols properly and efficiently by exchanging data and services.


  • The transmission of data and services is higher than compared to other connections.
  • It acts as the central unit for the whole network

MAN (metropolitan area network)

The Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is a network that covers the network connection of the whole city or connects to small areas. The area covered by the network gets connected using a wired network, like the data cables.


  • It provides the full transmission of data in the network of devices
  • It can connect the entire city or the area by the using the cables or wired connection

WAN (wide area network)

The Wide Area Network (WAN) connects devices like states or countries over large distances. The connection is wireless in most cases, and use the radio towers for communication.


  • This connection covers over large geographical area and mostly use for the large distance connections
  • They use the channels or radio towers for the users

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