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What is Tik-Tok Hair? – Tips, Thinking, Tricks, Hairstyle, and Styling

What is Tik-Tok Hair? – Tips, Thinking, Tricks, Hairstyle, and Styling

What is Tik-Tok Hair?

Tik -Tok hair is fluffy waves or curls brushed toward the face, covering much of the forehead, and dusting the eyelashes. This look is widely recognized. The look is widely documented: Thick, fluffy waves or curls brushed to the face, covering much of the brow, and dusting the eyelashes. Chances are, you probably didn’t know the latest men’s hairstyle trend has its very own name: “Tik-Tok hair.”

Professional hairstylist Stephen Marinara, commonly known as The Salon Guy, has mastered the Tik-Tok hair trend. He even has his own YouTube page devoted to tutorials, some of which have more than a million views. “When a Tik-Tok creator or influencer does somewhat, whether it’s makeup or hair, other people want to look like them,” Marinara says. Generation-Z celebrities are also sporting the popular look, including Shawn Mendes, Harry Panaches, Logan Paul, and Ed Sheeran.

Tips for Thinking Hard About their Tik-Tok Hair

Tips for Thinking Hard About their Tik-Tok Hair

I saw it on Tik-Tok; several guys are coming on my ‘For You’ page with the same hairstyle,” Harrell said in an interview, referring to small the landing page where Tik-Tok’s personalized video recommendations populate. When “I started changing my hairstyle, I got a boost of confidence because I felt good about how my hair was working,” he said.

It’s no surprise that the look, often called “Tik-Tok hair” or “Tik-Tok boy hair,” is so popular. Some of the app’s stars, including Bryce Hall, Noah Beck and Josh Richards, who have followings well into the tens of millions, have worn the tousled and textured cut. (Hall now has a mullet, which is also popular.)

Butterfly Cut

The butterfly cut has arisen as one of Tik-Tok’s most popular styles, amassing nearly 5 billion views on the platform. As for why it’s so popular? It looks good on everyone and adds volume, movement, and texture to all types of hair.

Two-Toned Neon

“Neon hair colour” is blowing up online with 9 billion views on TikTok. Meanwhile, the e-girl aesthetic two-toned colour look is trending, meaning pops of neon will be all over your FYP before you know it.

Statement Extensions

Hair extensions of all distances and sizes are all over TikTok, wrenching up 2 billion views on the app. The most general way to wear them is with a super-long ponytail or braid.

Wavy Lob

The lob, known as the long bob, has nearly 100 million views on Tik-Tok, while the “wavy lob” has 20 million views. Much of the wavy-lob-enthusiasm was inspired by Ana de Aras’s style in Deep Water, as referenced in Cat Quinn’s viral fastener on the look. “My dream hair,” she says of the chop.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are universally flattering and thus are all over Tik-Tok: The hashtag #curtainbangs has nearly 2 billion views, while the phrase “DIY curtain bangs” follows closely behind with 1 billion.

Wolf Cut

The wolf cut, yet another take on the shag, is edgy and cool, requires little to no styling, and works for all hair lengths and types. So, it’s no wonder it already has 1.3 billion views on Tik-Tok.

Dyson Air wrap Curl Trick of Tik-Tok Hair

If there’s one styling tool Tik-Tok loves, the Dyson Air wrap uses less heat than your curling wand to style your hair. The biggest complaint, however, is receiving your curls to last. For this hack, you’ll use the hollows of the air vents to lead your bobby pin onto your ring so you can easily pin it while the style sets.

Tik-Tok’s Flipped Updo

For this style, part your hair unhappy in the middle, then, starting with your shortest face-framing layers, pull them down under your chin and tie them in a ponytail. Continue sectioning and tying off ponytails precisely like this under your chin until it looks like a beard; then, take each ponytail and flip it from the front and over your head to the back. Somewhat, I’ve seen more fails of this challenge than success stories, but this messy updo looks cute and sufficient to convince me to try it anyway.

Velcro Roller Volume Hack

All my flat-hair friends looking for more capacity, watch and learn. Start with a large curled iron, and as you release the units of hair, wrap them in large velcroid breakers while the hair cools to set the shape.

Half-Up Hairstyle for Short Tik-Tok Hair

The only type of hair that’s firmer to pull up into a pigtail than short hair is layered hair. And if your current hairdo is all of the above, you need this class. Pull back the top-half unit, and secure it in a ponytail. Then, grab any additional face-framing pieces you couldn’t reach, tuck them behind your ears, and clip them in place.

Middle-Part High Ponytail.

Tik-Tok and middle parts, man. When you want to wear your hair dragged up in a high pony but don’t want to slick it all back and don’t want the bumps that come with forcing a central part to stay in place, this is the trick. Pull all of your manes into a high ponytail, but permit your front section down. Once the ponytail is tenable, split your bangs down the middle, and smooth them back while upholding the part. Then, joint them with the best of the pigtail and connect without another elastic.

Chunky Highlights

Those ’90s-inspired chunky highlights never go out of style, and Tik-Tok trends prove it. At the time of this writing, “highlights,” “chunky highlights,” and “balayage” have a combined 12 billion views on Tik-Tok.

Tik-Tok Hair Trends to Stimulate Your Next Hair Transformation

Tik-Tok Hair Trends to Stimulate Your Next Hair Transformation

It’s no secret that Tik-Tok influences our fashion choices, makeup styles, skincare routines, and more. It’s become a frequent source of artistic inspiration, and it’s safe to say that its impact on hair trends has been tremendous over the last year. And suppose you’ve already start incorporating Tik-Tok makeup and skincare trends into your beauty routine. In that case, it’s time to get acquainted with the popular haircut, style and color trends that can take your hairstyle up a notch. Seriously, these trends are a total mane-changer.

1. Velcro Roller Waves

If you have damaged hair, you can probably relate to wanting to style your hair sans hot tools. Tik-Tok took to the platform to share the results they achieved. If using velcroid rollers to create waves yes, the same rollers that have been popular for decades. If you’re looking to achieve a voluminous ‘90s blowout or some gorgeous waves deprived of heat. I give this long-standing technique a go.

2. Robe Curls

Another heatless hairstyle technique that affected valley status on Tik-Tok is wrap curls. This trend has persons using robe belts or similar substances to wrap their hair around while it’s partially damp. You cover small sections of wet hair around the belt, let them set for several hours, and then remove the tie to reveal curls. The results vary from loose waves to complete, bouncy curls that require no heat.


Tik-Tok is the capital of loveliness hacks. Take even a quick visit, and you’ll walk away with something new and intriguing to try. Some of them might change your life! One of the most general Tik-Tok rabbit holes is hair. The platform made us buy all kinds of styling tools. It hair accessories, and a bunch of hairstyling hacks to go along with them. But if there’s whatever I know about the internet, just because it’s hyped doesn’t mean it’s true. Lucky for you, I put five to the test, so you know which ones are worth trying.

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