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Money Gun Write for Us

Money Gun Write for UsA money gun shoots the paper currency, difference of a receptacle for placing money and an exit slot from which the money gets plugged. For example, the money gun can be use in clubs to allow customers to spend money faster for tipping dancers. Putting money in the money gun frees customers from using their hands and can count all their spending.

Invention of Money Gun

The invention relates to the currency dispensing devices, a toy-like gun that can shoot out real paper currency. In the clubs, people often give money as tips for dancers. They take out a bill and hand it to the dancer. It takes time and effort for the club customer, and tips get limited not by what the customer wants to tip the dancer but because the time and effort needed to deliver the tip to the dancer takes time.

Sometimes, the club customer may have a specific budget for tipping dancers. However, the customer finds they have overspent beyond their budget without knowing how much has been given. So there should be a need for an improved apparatus for delivering the money.

Structure of Money Gun

The Money gun sounds precisely like a gun shape. Money guns are simple and easy to use. It is easy as it can load with money bills or any item made of paper. The money gun is the perfect equipment for the one who wants to throw money on the street or at a party. The money gun package even consists of fake money for those who might have spent all their money. Money guns can also be custom-made and in different colors, like the blue money gun, which has all the looks and feels of the real thing.

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