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Strainer Write For Us

Strainer Write For Us

A strainer is an equipment for separating the unwanted elements from the wanted material or controlling the size distribution of a material by using a screen such as a net or woven mesh sheet material. During cooking, a strainer is used to separate and break the clumps in dry ingredients like flour and also to combine them. A strainer is a type of sieve that separates the solids from the liquid by filtration.

Industrial Strainer

The industrial strainers are basket strainers, Y-strainers, and T-strainers. The Simple basket strainers protect valuable equipment in systems that may shut down temporarily. The common strainers are food valve, bell mouth, and basket strainers. Most processing industries, like liquid food industries and pharmaceuticals, has self-cleaning strainer instead of basket strainer or simplex strainer because of the limitations of simple filtration systems. The self-cleaning strainers are more efficient and provide an automatic filtration solution.


Sieving is the technique for separating particles of many sizes. A sieve is used for sifting flour that has very small holes. The particles are separated by grinding against one another and the screen openings. It depends upon the particles that have to be separated into sieves present in different types of holes. Sieves are used for separating stones from sand. Sieving plays an essential role in the food industry, where the sieves will prevent the contamination of the product by foreign bodies. The design of the industrial sieve is the main thing here.

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