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Splatter Screen Write for UsA splatter screen is placed on the frying pan to prevent the oil from spitting out of the pan, and it usually happens when the pan is frying at a high temperature. It has two purposes: the droplets of hot oil will cause dangerous burns if they drop on the skin, or if they drop elsewhere like objects or clothes can leave stains. Splatter screens are circular so they can fit the shape of a frying pan, and also consist of a handle to remove quickly and safely. They are generally made of metal mesh or a metal sheet with lots of tiny holes for allowing the steam to move out from the pan but not the oil. Other designs are also available, like the cone-shaped silicone, which allows for stirring and flipping while the food cooks.

Factors of Splatter Screen


When selecting a splatter screen, you must ensure that it is the same size as your pan, as it can also be more significant than your pan. Splatter screens are small in diameter and can slip into the pan, splitting hot oil or other food, causing burns and hazards. For the best option of a splatter screen, buy a bigger one than the large pan you’ll be using.


The splatter screens are made from stainless steel. Some are perforated steel, while some are made of stainless steel mesh. The other type is made of silicone, which is used for the heat resistance. For the splatter screen to be used in the microwave, you must buy one for that dedicated purpose, as most stovetop splatter screens will have at least one metal component.

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