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Russia Ukraine Latest News Nuclear – Planta, Reactions, and More

Russia Ukraine Latest News Nuclear – Planta, Reactions, and More

Russia Ukraine Latest News Nuclear

Russia Ukraine’s latest news nuclear forces took control of the Zaporizhian nuclear plant, the largest in Europe and located in south-eastern Ukraine, this Friday after attacking it and thereby generating a fire that was finally controlled. According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, the attack left several “dead and wounded”.

The plant authorities announced that nuclear safety is guaranteed after the initial concern. Likewise, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA, for its acronym in English) reported that the essential equipment of the nuclear plant is in operation and that radiation remains at normal levels.

Planta Russia Ukraine Latest News Nuclear

The Zaporizhian nuclear power plant was built between 1984 and 1995 in Eberhard, some 200 km from the disputed Donbas region and 550 km southeast of Kyiv. According to the IAEA, the plant typically produces around 20% of Ukraine’s electricity and nearly half of the power generated by the country’s nuclear power facilities.

According to the IAEA, it has six reactors, only four operating at 60% at the time of the attack. All other units are either down for maintenance or are in “standby mode”.

“Six Chernobyl’s”

“We have lived a night that could have stopped the course of history, the history of Ukraine, the history of Europe,” President Volodymyr Zelensky told his compatriots in a televised speech on Friday morning after the authorities confirmed that the situation at the plant is safe for the time being.

The attack could have caused destruction equivalent to “six Chernobyl’s”, he said, adding that Russia knew what it was doing by attacking the plant directly, calling it an “act of terrorism of an unprecedented level”.

Zelensky: “The attack on the Zaporizhian nuclear plant could have been like six Chernobyl’s.”

“How is this possible? Aren’t we fighting together against the consequences of the Chornobyl catastrophe in 1986?” Zelensky said in his televised message, this time addressing Russian citizens, whom he urged to take to the streets and vindicate before their government that “they want to live.

Reactions of Russia Ukraine Latest News Nuclear

Reactions of Russian Ukraine Latest News Nuclear

International reactions to the best events surrounding the Zaporizhian plant were swift. And also, The president of the United States, Joe Biden, urged Moscow to stop its military activities in that area. And also, The US Embassy in Kyiv later said in a Twitter message that “it is a war crime to attack a nuclear power plant.” Meanwhile, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Russia’s “horrible attacks” “must stop immediately.”

UK Prime Minister Boris Joseon said the “irresponsible” attack could ” directly threaten the security of the whole of Europe “. He added that he would request an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on Friday to “increase the pressure on Putin’s war machine”.

Diplomatic Moves of Russia Ukraine Latest News Nuclear

Meanwhile, Russian and Ukrainian negotiators agreed on Thursday to organize humanitarian corridors to evacuate civilians.

Zelensky also asked for a face-to-face meeting with his Russian counterpart because he says it is the only way to end the war.

Putin insists that the invasion is proceeding “according to plan”.

Casualties on Both Sides

The cities of Kharkov, Chernihiv and Mariupol remain under Ukrainian control, according to Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, despite undergoing intense sieges recently. And also, In Chernihiv, at least 33 people kill and 18 were wounded on Thursday during shelling, according to the Ukrainian emergency service. And also, The Russian Defense Ministry admitted the deaths of 498 of its soldiers as of Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Presidency of Ukraine report 9,000 victims on the Russian side without specifying how many injure and dead.

Several estimates from the Ukrainian side quantify thousands of military dead and wounded, with at least 2,000 civilians killed, although the numbers have not been independently verified.

A Million Refugees of Russia Ukraine Latest News Nuclear

Rendering to the United States, more than a million people fled Ukraine in the first week of the conflict. And also, “In just seven days, we have witnessed the exodus of a million refugees from Ukraine to neighbouring countries,” UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Filippo Grande said on Thursday.

More than half of the immigrants have gone to Poland, and some thousands have arrived in third countries, such as the Czech Republic, where there is a significant Ukrainian community.

“Until the conflict stops, the Ukrainians will continue to flee,” said Grande, reiterating the prospects that this crisis could cause up to 4 million refugees. And also, The EU and the United States announced special protection measures for Ukrainians fleeing the war. In the case of the US, for those already in that country.

The Taking of Jerson of Russian Ukraine Latest

The Taking of Jerson of Russian Ukraine Latest

Until this Friday, the only important Ukrainian city in the hands of the Russian forces is Kherson, with 300,000 inhabitants located in the south of the country. And also, With a port with access to the Black Sea, experts say that Russian rule in this city affects logistics, food supply, and resources.

Control over Kherson may allow Moscow “to start strangling the logistics of the Ukrainians,” warned Jack Watling. And also, The expert at the Royal United Services Institute for Défense and Security Studies in London.

Bombing and Air Assault on Kharkov

In the country’s northeast, shelling continued on the besieged city of Kharkov, the country’s second-largest.

The Ukrainian authorities assure that Russia is hitting civilian points in Kharkov. According to the mayor of that town, Ivor Terekhov, the Russian attacks have caused numerous victims among the civilian population. And also, The official told the BBC that shells and cruise missiles are constantly hitting residential areas.

Russian missiles have hit buildings of the police, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Karazin National University. Un vehicular intended y sombrous end la Plaza de la Libertad

Liberty Square litter with rubble after the attack.

The mayor said the city is “partially surrounded” by the Russian army, which the Ukrainian military is “heroically” repelling.

An opera house, a concert hall, and government offices were hit in Kharkov’s Freedom Square.

“Almost a Humanitarian Catastrophe” in Mariupol

Located in south-eastern Ukraine, the port city of Mariupol subject to heavy shelling by Russian forces on Wednesday and Thursday.

Deputy Mayor Serhii Orlev told the BBC the city was “close to a humanitarian catastrophe”.

“The Russian army is working with all its weapons here: artillery, multiple rocket launch systems, planes, tactical rockets. They are trying to destroy the city,” Orlev said.


After visiting the Zaporizhian nuclear power plant on Thursday, the director. It general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Rafael Gross, told reporters. And also, It is Vienna that what worries him. If most is the safety of personnel and the supply of nuclear power. Energy.

“It is clear that there is a ratio of aggressive in this part of Ukraine. And also, military activity and operations are increasing. In that part of the country, and this worries me a lot,” the United Nations nuclear watchdog said.

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