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Remove Body Hair Permanently – Laser, Naturally, and Advantages

Remove Body Hair Permanently – Laser, Naturally, and Advantages

Remove Body Hair Permanently

The unwanted removal of body hair permanently is a pain for both men and women. Unfortunately, traditional, quick hair removal methods like shaving or depilatory creams last only two to three days, and longer-lasting options like waxing or threading can leave you with painful, unattractive ingrown hairs and hair regrowth in a couple of weeks.

To help you choose if permanent hair removal is proper, we’ll look at the different options and see what methods you can use to get professional hair removal without needing to leave your home. We also have an article explaining how laser hair removal and pulsed light work.

Laser Hair Removal Body Hair Permanently at Home

Laser hair removal has full-grown in popularity since it became commercially available in the 1990s. You can achieve permanent hair removal in as little as three sessions, although different hair types and densities will have other requirements.

Take a look at our comparison:

  • The best Laser hair removal works by shining an intense beam of light into the hole, and this light is absorbed by the hair, which has a pigment called melanin.
  • The absorbed light energy is rehabilitated into thermal vigour and causes the hair to heat up.
  • This heat reasons damage to the hair sac, which can cause the strand to inhibit hair growth.

Unlike waxing and machine hair removal, laser hair removal will not have immediately noticeable results, as it may take a few weeks before the hairs fall out.

How to Remove Body Hair Permanently?

How to Remove Body Hair Permanently?

There are numerous conducts to get rid of hair. The main thing is to spend as much time as possible without hair to enjoy smooth and clean skin for longer. Especially now that summer is here, we expose our skin much more to the eyes.

Thus, we can divide the types of hair removal between non-permanent, semi-permanent and permanent hair removal. In recent years, the demand for permanent hair removal has grown significantly among men and women.

Non-Permanent Hair Removal

  1. Razor blade: useful if you want to remove hair quickly because you have an unexpected commitment and do not have time to shave more deeply. It is an easy, fast, safe and economical method. But it has some drawbacks: it irritates the skin and doesn’t pull out the hair at the root, so when it comes out again, it will do so with more force. In addition, the hair grows back very quickly, so it is helpful for specific occasions because the result is not very long-lasting; in one or two days, the hair grows back.
  2. Depilatory cream: halfway between shaving and waxing. It removes hair from alkaline chemicals that break down keratin, so the hair dissolves. It is painless, fast and cheap. The result is more durable than razor shaving. Be careful if you have sensitive skin, and test a small area first to avoid allergic reactions.

Semi-Permanent Hair Removal

  1. Waxing: Waxing is perhaps the most used method of hair removal by most women. It is a popular and inexpensive method and is very durable compared to the previous ones. There is cold, warm or hot wax, depending on the area and the type of hair we will wax. It can be used in all areas of the body effectively. However, it is painful, especially in delicate areas. In addition, it irritates the skin, especially people with sensitive skin.
  2. Tweezers: the tweezers are used to remove hair from tiny areas, such as the eyebrows, or to remove some particularly unsightly hair. It is a method that removes hair from the root, and the hair takes three to four weeks to grow back. But it is time-consuming and impractical if you need to remove hair from a large area like your legs.
  3. Epilators: thanks to rotating discs, these machines remove hair from the root and take three to four weeks to come out. It is a painful method and can be used on almost all areas of the body.

Permanent or Definitive Hair Removal (Photo Epilation)

  1. Laser: it consists of applying a beam of light to a group of hair follicles; the energy is transported through the hair’s melanin and destroys the root. Yes, it is a permanent hair removal method, but it has a disadvantage: it does not work well on all phototypes. For example, it is ineffective on fair or white skin and hair.
  2. Pulsed light or IPL: uses polychromatic light to eliminate hair follicles. It has become popular in recent years because it works effectively on all photograph, including those with lighter skin and hair. Hair is effectively removed with light resulting in silky smooth skin. Silk offers a wide range of products to remove hair comfortably at home with the HLP method that reduces up to 92% of hair in an entire period of use.

IPL Hair Removal at Home

IPL is very similar to laser hair removal. It stands for Intense Pulsed Light and uses the same principle of using light to heat the hairs, causing damage to the follicle and stopping hair growth at the cause.

However, as an alternative to using laser light to heat them, it uses a broad spectrum of less focused and less precise light. n beauty salons, IPL treatments are often cheaper than laser hair removal, mainly because this type of hair removal needs several more sessions. Therefore beauty salons adjust their price slightly, intending to attract customers. An exciting alternative is to buy an IPL hair removal device at home that costs much less than a specialized centre treatment, and you can treat the same areas.

Permanent Facial Hair Removal and Intimate Parts

laser hair removal in sensitive areas, The face and groin area have more sensitive skin. Therefore, we must pay a little more care when waxing these areas.

Laser hair removal and pulsed light hair removal are suitable for use on the female face below the cheek line but not on the eyebrows, as the eyes are very delicate. However, these methods are unfortunately unsuitable for the male face, as the hair is too dense. If you want to know the differences between laser hair removal and IPL photo epilation, go to our article.

Polishing is not a permanent hair removal solution, but it does offer immediate results and is a popular option for the groin area. However, this area is particularly prone to ingrown hairs and folliculitis, an infection of the hair follicle.

Is there any Method to Achieve Permanent Hair Removal Naturally?

Is there any Method to Achieve Permanent Hair Removal Naturally?

Both men and women often seek natural and alternative options for problems related to unwanted body hair.

This growing concern is mainly because people are becoming more reluctant to use harsh chemicals on their skin and want to know precisely what they are using on their bodies.

Permanent Natural Hair Exclusion for Men and Women

Natural blends for hair removal: There are successful natural hair removal methods. In such as making your wax mixtures by heating sugar, water and lemon juice until blended and using it. In place of commercially available wax or wax strips.

Preparing our mixtures: we know exactly what we have used and can be calmer since. If we have not used aggressive chemical products.

What are the Advantages of Body Hair Permanently?

Hair removal methods such as the blade, wax or hair removal with cream or tweezers are now obsolete. These methods, in addition to not being definitive. A forcing you to resort to hair removal every month. In even weeks in the case of the upper lip, irritate and damage the skin. If cause infections such as folliculitis. It can worsen pathologies such as varicose veins in the case of hot wax, and they are excruciating.

The advantages over other systems are:

  • Eliminates hair progressively and permanently
  • Practical results from the first sessions
  • It is a safe and fast method
  • It is practically painless.

Waxing sessions are getting shorter and more space. In which is very comfortable because there no nee to wax every so often.


The best laser hair treatments that appear on the body, especially the one that grows on the legs. It considers quite unsightly and makes us look less attractive. But today, this problem has more and more solutions, since we have a wide variety of products to remove hair. However, if you are looking for how to remove leg hair forever. If we have to tell you that this is practically impossible since there is no way to stop its growth. An except in some instances. However, depilatory treatments. It allow you to significantly delay the development of body hair and eliminate it. And also, it for a long time from your body.

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