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Pencils Write for Us

Pencils Write for UsA pencil is a drawing or writing implement with a solid core in a protective casing that decreases the risk of core breaking and keeps it from marking on the user’s hand. Pencils create marks with the solid core material written on paper or other surfaces. They differ from pens dispelling liquid or gel ink on the marked surface. It is a kind of writing equipment use to draw, usually on paper. Most pencil cores are formed by the graphite powder mixed with the mix of clay binder. So, a pencil is made from a piece of graphite mixed with clay and has a wood case around it. The shape is a hexagonal prism, but some pencils are cylinder or square. Colored pencils do not have greyish-silver graphite. Instead, the core is colorful. Colored pencils or crayons are used for drawing rather than writing.

Pen VS Pencil

The difference is the material used to make a pen and pencil. As we know, pen and pencil are standard tools used to write on a piece of paper or a copy, and they are essential tools for a kid during their learning time that they may write on paper all that they have learned from their teachers. However, these are different from each other in every detail. Both leave an impression on a piece of paper, but that is where the similarity between a pen and a pencil ends.

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