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Meter Stick Write for Us

Meter Stick Write for UsA meter stick or yardstick is either a straight or foldable stick used to measure the length and is especially useful in the construction industry. These are often made of plastic or wood and have metal or plastic joints to be folded together. The standard length of a meterstick made for the international market is one or two meters, while a yardstick made for the U.S. is typically one yard long.

Meter sticks are usually divided with lines for each millimeter and numerical markings per centimeter with numbers either in centi or millimeter. Yardsticks are marked with a scale in inches but sometimes feature marks for foot increments. The Hybrid sticks that have more than one measurement system also exist. Most noticed those with the metric measurements on one side and U.S. units on the other.

History of Meter Sticks

Rulers or yardsticks began to take measurements based on the human anatomy, such as foot, hand, or cubit. By the 17th century, rulers were used to mark in inches and fractional lengths in America. Suppose workers used to work in the building trades that couldn’t handle the rulers or yardsticks. So, foldable rulers have developed. They can be folded in halves, thirds, or quarters. So, the tools have been developed to tuck these rules.

Later models included levels like inclinometers, squares, or compasses. The Board rulers told the number of board feet on a board. Early rulers were made of wood. Later models have come with round or oval brass tabs at one end and the handle on the other. Other specialized rulers were shrunken rulers to determine shrinkage for foundry metal workers.

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