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Marketing Strategies in Social Media – Creation, Types, and Benefits

Marketing Strategies in Social Media – Creation, Types, and Benefits

Marketing Strategies in Social Media

I have become the marketing strategies in social media main focus of companies ‘ marketing strategies. Above all, it is part of the essential axis of the process carried out by companies that launch to sell through the Internet. These are the so-called e-commerce. We have already discussed the importance of an excellent social media marketing strategy. However, a frequent question among companies is what is the best method for my brand? In social networks, it is vital to maintain a consistent presence on the platforms where the brand has a company.

This does not mean repeating all the content on each network, but rather that all communications on social networks have the same tone and type of posts adapted to the platform. This article will discuss best practices and strategies to obtain a better return on investment.

Creation of Marketing Strategies in Social Media

As we have seen, social media marketing focuses on creating exciting company content for users of social platforms. The main objective is that this content attracts attention and is shared by users so that it can reach a larger audience.

To start your company’s social media marketing strategies, you should start by analyzing and identifying your goal. It won’t be easy to achieve the success you expect with your strategy if you do not specify specific and measurable objectives.

In addition, it will be beneficial if these objectives have a differentiating element of the brand that helps you position yourself and obtain profitability from the implemented strategy.

For example, your goals may be focused on achieving:

  • Several sales through the RRSS
  • Generate more traffic to your website
  • Conquer new markets
  • Achieve international presence, among others.

The Importance of Defining Objectives in your Marketing Strategies Social Media

Once the goals are properly defined, they will serve as a guide to progress in your social media marketing strategy successfully. In this way, developing the content, you must offer to your potential audience will be easier. Facebook Ads, for example, is an excellent tool since the platform offers a wide variety of customizable options depending on your goals.

Creating content as part of your social media marketing strategies is effectively the company’s responsibility. However, thanks to the advanced tools for targeting and monitoring the performance of your content offered by the different platforms, you can make the best decisions that optimize the strategy results.

Turn Social Networks into your E-Commerce

Once you have established your social media marketing strategies by following the steps above, you can use the platform you have determined (or several of them if you have found it) as a point of sale. Many of the social media platforms already incorporate the direct purchase tool or function in it. You are simply uploading a product photograph and labelling it in a way that redirects you to the immediate purchase. In others, however, it will redirect you to your website or online store to complete the purchase.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social network marketing or social media marketing ( SMM ) refers to all the activities and measures used in social networks to generate business opportunities, increasing the reach and loyalty of customers. Social media marketing can be seen as public relations and customer service. The first goal is to increase factors like traffic,  CTR, and reach. The next step is to build long-term loyalty from customers, influencers, and Viral Marketing. SMM can be part of Customer Relationship Management and include social media advertising.

Types of Marketing Strategies in Social Media

Types of Marketing Strategies in Social Media

In social media marketing, two basic strategies can be distinguished, in which the passive variant is often considered a necessary component of every marketing:

Proactive marketing in social networks: Here, user-generated content create and distributed to achieve the company’s objectives. Active communal media marketing not only requires the use of resources and budget, but with a multi-channel approach, it also includes the organization of different channels to increase the reach of…

Passive Social Media Marketing: External gratifies use to attain goals. The doings of users and market facilitators are recorded and assessed through nursing. This data is extra information that can be used for making strategic and operational decisions.

Benefits of Marketing Strategies in Social Media

The basic strategies mentioned above result in different ideas that can also combines. In practice, it is mainly about raising awareness, refining customer loyalty, improving admission to the target group and communication.

Direct customer contact: Social media can be rummage-sale as customer service. Customers contact businesses by messaging, rating, or posting a status. If the industry reacts immediately or relatively quickly, there is a proximity to the customer that cannot achieve by other means.

Building Interest Groups: Groups, blogs, and opportunities can use to create nets of common interests. Although this is only possible for specific crops and services, such a meeting of users with a genuine interest in the development and the possibility of sharing is almost only conceivable on social networks.

Events: Concerts and proceedings are popular with customers, especially in the restaurant industry.

Interactive Campaigns: Sweepstakes, coupons, game apps, and reviews are all ways to engage potential clients.

Sales and Distribution

Sales reduce crops and other sales concepts made here.

Reputation, Image and Authority: Experience can gain by providing factual information. The image and advertising campaigns serve to create a good reputation.

Viral Marketing: Certain content inspires users to share, and this content virally process by being distributed by many users. So-called “influencers can also do this”.

SEO: With a presence on social networks, so-called social signals can be sent to hunt engines. Profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Co. typically index by search trains and show up relatively high in the SERPs. High engagement rates (likes, comments, shares) are additional positive signals that let search engines know that users find the offer attractive.

Monitoring of Social Networks: Companies have numerous possibilities in information and control. This data can use in many ways. For instance, to better understand customers, increase customer loyalty, or track branding.

Traffic: Social networks are a countless way to attract companies to blogs or sites. A prerequisite for this is, of course, good content.

Importance of Online Marketing Strategies in Social Media

Social media marketing is today a vital part of the business life of many online retailers and companies – in some cases, even as a stakeholder strategy in the field of business plans. Especially in the customer goods sector, almost all businesses have at least one social profile. The number of possible networks has also augmented rapidly in the New Year.

Therefore, companies must find relevant platforms and fill them with exciting content. A multichannel strategy is sensible. However, this does not get nasty that all available channels must use. Instead, the target groups and their usage patterns are decisive in the choice of a platform. Methods such as targeting, segmentation and tracking make it possible to reach the relevant target groups and thus avoid losses.

5 Marketing Strategies in Social Media to Apply Today

Today, social networks have become the main ally of companies to connect with their customers and sell more. It’s no wonder social media marketing works so well, as according to The Global State of Digital 2019 report, 52% of the world’s population uses these platforms.

However, you should know that having a presence on social networks and publishing certain content is not enough. For marketing efforts to bear fruit, you must have a plan and implement different strategies that allow you to achieve your goal. These are some of the best that you can apply now:

Live Video

Videos are the type of content that predominates in social networks. Among the different kinds of a video published on these platforms, those that are live are among the most popular. And it will continue to be so for a long time since, according to Cisco company, by 2022, live videos will be 15 times more prevalent. This content use to make new releases, connect with the audience by answering questions, etc.


Another very beneficial social media marketing strategy is the use of stories, either on Instagram or Facebook. This is a perfect type of content to connect with the audience, which can also be in images, videos, gifs, etc. It is interesting because it is short and attractive, and most users like it.

User Generated Content

Known in English as User Generated Content, it is about the photos, videos, reviews, tweets, and posts that talk about a brand and that have create in an amateur way, and more or less spontaneously, by the consumers themselves and not by the brands. , nor paid for it. The strategy is simple: users make these posts, and brands take care of finding them to repost them on their platforms. Thus, the brand recognizes the consumer, while the company generates trust in other customers.


Chatbots are digital tools that allow brands to communicate with their audience at all times and solve problems without human intervention. These are perfect for optimizing customer service and making them always feel heard.

Content Depending on the Platform

In social media marketing, it is essential to create efficient and valuable content for the audience. But you must be clear that not all content works similarly on social networks. Therefore, we recommend creating content optimized for the platform where you want to share it. The key is to adapt the message so that it helps generate engagement on each network according to its parameters.


The digital marketing strategy is essential to grow, generate community, reach your target audience and convert quality followers into potential customers. We’re going to determine some of the best social media marketing strategies and look at some examples so you can inspire. All brands that have a presence in social networks should define, own, and customizable marketing strategy. We describe the process once the Social Media Audit has carry out and define in the Social Media Plan for social networks.

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