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Mardi Gras Outfit Ideas – Tips, Origins, History, Celebrate, and More

Mardi Gras Outfit Ideas – Tips, Origins, History, Celebrate, and More

Mardi Gras Outfit Ideas

Costumes are the lifeblood of the Carnival season in New Orleans. Throughout Mardi Gras outfit ideas, you’ll stick out if you’re NOT wearing a costume or an accessory like some feathers, glitter, or a funky hat. At the very smallest, you may want to the dresser in the official colors of Carnival – purple, green, and gold.  Please stick with us for tips on assembling the perfect Mardi Gras get-up, plus where to see great costumes during Carnival. After all, we take our clothes seriously in New Orleans.

Tips for Mardi Gras Outfit Ideas

1. Wear comfortable shoes

This tip may not seem fun, but it’s crucial. Mardi Gras includes a LOT of walking, especially if you want to see costumes, so we inspire you to wear shoes that keep your feet content. But wearing comfortable shoes does not mean tiring boring shoes! We endorse light-up or bejeweled sneakers. If you want to get cunning, you can take a hot glue gun to an older pair of shoes.

2. Dress in layers

The weather during Mardi Gras can be unpredictable, with sunshine and warm temperatures at times and chilly and rainy at others. You’ll want to build some supply into your clothing. Wear tights or legwarmers for an extra layer, and consider a jacket that fits your costume’s color scheme. You can always decorate an old coat with glitter and downs to keep with your melody!

3. Wear a wig

Whether you’re generous with a pink wig and some wacky fittings or your wig is part of a well-coordinated character costume, tiring a wig is one of the easiest ways to turn a regular outfit into an authentic Mardi Gras ensemble. New Orleans clothing shops are full of wigs, so we’ve got you covered if you travel here without one!

4. Accessorize

New Orleanians know that feathers and tinsels make a costume. But your fittings can be functional as well as flashy. Try carrying a spangle fanny pack to hold your cell phone and wallet or using a feather boa to add texture and keep you warm.

5. Get creative with makeup

False eyelashes, body glitter, face paint makeup is a fun way to add attention to your Mardi Gras get-up. Try adding stick-on rhinestones around your eyes or decorating your cheekbones with colorful body glitter.

Translation of Mardi Gras Outfit Ideas

Translation of Mardi Gras Outfit Ideas

Mardi Gras is defined as Shrove Tuesday or the last day before Lent, and “is a day of merrymaking and carnival.” Since Lent includes 40 days of fasting for some, this is one last chance to enjoy excess before going without. The word “Mardi” means “Tuesday” in French, and the word “Gras” means “fat,” so the translation of Mardi Gras is literally “Fat Tuesday.”

The civilization of St. Anne is a Mardi Gras march Krewe that parades on Mardi Gras Day. St. Anne does not have a usual time or route in the true spirit of the day, but you can typically catch up with them at Mimi’s in the Margin around 10 a.m. or R Bar later in the day. Those who walk in St. Anne spend all year crafting their costumes, and you’ll be treated to one of the most beauty spectacles New Orleans has to offer.

Origins and History of Mardi Gras Outfit Ideas

Masquerade and masked balls have been celebrated since the Middle Ages, and Mardi Gras is only one of the more famous examples of these elaborate costume parties worldwide.

Where Did Mardi Gras Originate?

The origins of Mardi Gras celebrations are often attributed to Medieval Europe, particularly Rome and France. Initially, Mardi Gras was known as Carnival or Carnival, meaning to take away meat, and started with Pagan spring and fertility rituals.

Where Did Mardi Gras Start in the U.S.?

While many believe Mardi Gras originated in New Orleans, the truth is the celebration as you know it today originated in the U.S. as the Mobile, Alabama Mardi Gras. The first Mardi Gras celebration happened in Mobile in 1703, and the first Mardi Gras parade there in 1840. Celebrations in New Orleans didn’t start until the 1730s.

Why do People Celebrate Mardi Gras Outfit Ideas?

Traditionally, people celebrated Mardi Gras as the last day of excess and the last chance to deplete their stocks of foods that couldn’t be eaten throughout Lent. The celebration developed a way to revel in luxury before people focused on the religious rite of going without. Many people celebrate Mardi Gras to show off and have fun with friends, family, and strangers.

Where do People Celebrate Mardi Gras?

Countries around the world with large Roman Catholic populations celebrate Mardi Gras.

In Brazil, they celebrate a week-long Carnival that culminates on Fat Tuesday.

In Quebec, Canada, they host a Winter Carnival.

The German celebration is called Karneval, Fastnacht or Fasching.

In Denmark, they call it Festival.

Mardi Gras celebrations in France inspire the holiday’s iconic name and traditions.

New Orleans hosts one of the biggest celebrations as Louisiana is the only state to proclaim Mardi Gras as a legal holiday.

Meaning of Mardi Gras Outfit Ideas Traditions

Mardi Gras traditions are similar no matter what country you’re celebrating.

What do Traditional Mardi Gras Colors Mean?

The traditional Mardi Gras colors are purple, green, and gold. Green represents faith, purple represents justice, and gold symbolizes power. This color scheme borrow from one of the oldest New Orleans krewes, or social clubs, Rex Krewe.

What Is the Purpose of Mardi Gras Beads?

“Parade throws”, or trinkets thrown from Mardi Gras parade floats, believe to stem from a Rex Krewe tradition in the 1920s. They threw beaded necklaces featuring their krewe colors, and other krewes soon followed suit. Contrary to popular belief, nudity is require to receive parade throws like beads.

Why do People Attire Masks for Mardi Gras?

Mardi Gras masks destine to help guests hide their individuality as they engaged in Mardi Gras debauchery mingle with other lessons people. They also series as external representations of parts of the wearer’s personality. By law, anybody riding an official Mardi Gras float in New Orleans has to wear a mask.

What do People Bother on Mardi Gras and Why?

What do People Bother on Mardi Gras and Why?

Traditional Mardi Gras foods vary slightly from ethos to culture but characteristically include ingredients that allow during lent. Since you can’t use the fixings for the next couple of weeks. In the idea is to clear them from your home by liking them now. The king cake rent from Roman traditions. And also, it’s a sign of good luck and gives you special responsibilities for the day if you find the king buried in your piece of cake

Pancakes and crepes are old-style Mardi Gras foods since they were great formulae. It for clearing out your stock of eggs, milk, and lard, which you wouldn’t eat during Lent.

Doughnuts like French beignets or Refinement paczkis are also famous because they use lard and other ingredients not permitted during lent.


You may have donned a mask or worn some beads for Mardi Gras celebrations in school or abroad but found yourself wondering, “What is the meaning of Mardi Gras?” Understanding what Mardi Gras is and why people celebrate it can help you appreciate the true meaning of this fun holiday.

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