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Lemon on Face – Trend, Good, Benefit, Extract and Clean 

Lemon on Face – Trend, Good, Benefit, Extract and Clean 

Lemon on Face

We’ve all heard millions of influencers and skincare experts rave about countless ingredients as the key to lemon on face and healthy, glowing skin. Likewise, every YouTube video promises that these and other natural ingredients are the best-kept secrets of celebrities and models, from DIY sugar and coffee scrub tutorials to a once-daily baking soda and lemon face mask for acne.

But, without a doubt, the trendiest ingredient is lemon juice. Yes, grandmothers’ remedies and some YouTubers suggest that lemon is an excellent ally thanks to its astringent and antibacterial properties.

Lemon on Face is the Start of the Trend

Here’s the thing: Lemons became an internet favorite because they are high in alpha-hydroxy acids and vitamin C, properties that are beneficial for the skin.  In the early 2010s, Internet users popularized this citrus to fight acne, lighten blemishes and prevent wrinkles. In addition, skincare aficionados began squeezing lemon on pimple scars to make them disappear, using it as a vitamin C serum or an astringent toner.

Since lemon went viral, beauty blogs, Instagram posts, and hundreds of tutorials have start featuring recipes for creating toners, serums, and acne treatments using lemon juice and other ingredients like baking soda, sugar, and honey.

Is it Wrong to Use Lemon Juice on the Skin? Yes and No!

Is it Wrong to Use Lemon Juice on the Skin? Yes and No!

Like I said earlier, influencers and infamous dermatologists hail lemons because they * * help with acne and pimples, get rid of hyperpigmentation, and lighten skin. However, in this battle, who is right?

Let’s Start with this Showdown

Lemons contain vitamin C, B3, and alpha hydroxy acids. These antioxidant possessions can help reduce sebum production, also known as the leading cause of acne and oily skin—decrease the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads, reduce dirt build-up, and lighten scars.

Also, like other citrus fruits, lemon juice has healing properties capable of remove blemishes.

As if this seemed little to you, lemons are rich in citric acid, calcium, and magnesium. For appetizers, citric acid helps exfoliate the skin, reducing pore size and removing dead skin cells, resulting in healthy-looking skin.

Additionally, calcium is a mineral that can restore red, dry skin to its natural glowing state. Finally, magnesium is an extraordinary component that helps delay skin ageing and prevent the formation of free radicals.

the Not So Good

It is undeniable that lemon juice is an excellent antioxidant, but for it to have a beneficial effect, what is important is the concentration of the vitamin. In this sense, lemon’s antioxidant concentration is deficient compared to chemically formulated products.

For example, while a commercial serum contains 5 and 15% vitamin C, a lemon only has about 0.05%. This means that a lemon bought in your favourite supermarket is not enough for your skin to obtain this vitamin’s properties.

On the other hand, being an ingredient in its natural state, lemon juice is not stable and can rapidly degrade when exposed to light, heat or air. This removes all the benefits of the lemon, leaving only an acid that can irritate and redden the skin.

Phyto photodermatitis

Do you know what you would get if you mix lemon juice with sunlight? Burns and stains!

Commonly called “daisy burn” because you can get it from drinking margaritas on the beach; this condition occurs when you are exposed to the sun while you have some citrus fruit on your skin.

This skin reaction can cause depigmentation, hives, redness, irritation, scarring, and a lot of pain. This is because lemon causes an inflammatory response when used during UV exposure. So if you go to the beach, stay away from the lemons.

Chemical Leukoderma

Also known as contact vitiligo, you can develop this condition when your skin constantly touches certain chemicals in household products like lemons. Like common vitiligo, the condition can leave you with white patches everywhere you apply lemon juice directly.

So if you have searched “what is good for facial blemishes?” lemon may not be the best option.

What is Lemon on Face Good For?

If you always search for “ lemon benefits ” on Google, hoping to find the ingredient that will save your skin, you have come to the right place. Here we leave you the benefits of lemon for the face

Even Skin Tone and Reduce Hyperpigmentation

Lemon juice contains anti-tyrosinase, an agent that treats skin pigmentation and reduces dark circles and spots that appear with age or sun exposure. In addition, lemon-based products on your face will reduce the overproduction of melanin, resulting in a balanced skin tone.

Reduce Acne Breakouts and Pimples

The antibacterial properties that lemon has make it an excellent ingredient to treat acne. Lemon skincare products can regulate sebum production and unclog pores, eliminating all the factors that can cause an acne breakout without drying or stripping the skin.

It is the Holy Grail of Anti-Aging

Being rich in vitamin C, lemon juice face products can reduce wrinkles and fine lines and increase collagen production when used daily on the face and neck.

In addition, vitamin C can protect the skin when exposed to the sun and free radicals, which are responsible for reducing collagen, and creating wrinkles, sagging skin, and blemishes.

Revive and Illuminate the Face

Do you have a complexion that is too dull? Lemon extract for the skin can help brighten your face, eliminate oxidative stress, and restore natural radiance.

Reduces the Size of the Pores

Open pores are not a problem when you apply lemon-derived products to your face. Instead, its astringent qualities can visibly reduce the appearance of pores while exfoliating your face to prevent clogging.

Who can Benefit from Juice of Lemon on Face?

There is no conclusive reply to this query. Though millions of creams, scrubs, toners and serums contain lemon, you can choose the type of product that suits you best and take advantage of the benefits of lemon on your face.

Clean your Digestive System

Drinking a couple of spectacles of warm water on an empty stomach helps us activate our digestive system in the morning, but adding a few drops of lemon will clean and disinfect the intestinal tract to start the day in the best way.

Balance your Ph

Although the lemon is an acidic fruit, its ascorbic acids are quickly metabolized when it enters our body, which allows our body’s pH to be alkalized. This will make us feel more energetic during the day and keep us resistant to diseases.

Helps Heal Wounds

The vitamin C in lemons stimulates our body’s defence system to heal wounds faster. In addition, this vital nutrient is essential to protect your tissues, reduce inflammation from injuries and bumps, and is an effective cure for stress.

keeps you, Young

Lemon is an antioxidant that helps reduce wrinkles on your skin, such as some spots produced by the passage of time and light. Also, its alkaline nature, when entering your body, can kill certain bacteria that cause acne on the face.

It is Anti-Viral

Lemon is a powerful natural antibiotic thanks to its high content of vitamin C, which helps increase our body’s defences and fight various diseases, especially respiratory diseases, from flu, tonsillitis and colds, to pneumonia.

Prevents Anemia

Indeed, lemon facilitates the absorption of iron. So the next time you consume foods rich in this mineral, such as beans, liver, spinach and canthus. Try to accompany them with lemon juice so that the assimilation of iron is facilitated in your body.

What is Lemon on Face in Extract?

What is Lemon on Face in Extract?

The lemon is the berry of the lemon tree, an evergreen tree from South Asia. It that has spread and been cultivated worldwide. Its use in gastronomy is widely known for its acidic juice or fragrance. Still. Its properties with potential effects on the skin have allowed this versatile fruit to be used in other areas, such as natural cosmetics. From this yellow fruit, an extract is obtained that is used as an active ingredient in different products.

Its high content of vitamin C, citric acid and phytochemicals, among others, have made it an ideal ingredient for products such as anti-ageing creams, body gels to improve circulation or shampoos to treat specific problems such as dandruff.

Use of Lemon on Face in Extract in Cosmeceuticals

At Dir. Terrazzo’s natural cosmeceuticals, we use pure lemon extract in the Vitamin C illuminating booster. This booster is a powerful regenerator and antioxidant for facial skin care. Practically all the ingredients are certified organic (87.8%).

Among its ingredients, we find vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that fights cell damage caused by solar radiation and pollution. This is perfectly combined with ferulic acid to improve wrinkles and stimulate natural collagen production. It enhances the luminosity and firmness of the skin, achieving a global anti-ageing effect.  You can consult all the ingredients and benefits in the online store of our natural cosmeceutical. If you want to know all our ecological and biological cosmeceutical products. Consult our website and discover the benefits of cosmeceuticals for your skin.


Lemon is a fruit with a wide variety of benefits for our bodies. It as it contains: vitamins B, C and P and includes minerals. Such as magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and fluoride. In addition to its delicious acid taste, it is the reason why it uses in various foods.

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