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What is Fashion Metro? – Emergence, Types, Personal, and More

What is Fashion Metro? – Emergence, Types, Personal, and More

What is Fashion Metro?

My idea of ​​the fashion metro in the subway changed as I got older. I remember that one day, my dad, very proud, dropped the tape measure and told my mom that he was already one meter tall. My dad, on the door of the room, which was made of wood, used to write down measurements as he grew up. The day he said I was one meter tall, he was proud, and I felt important. I thought that another defining moment in my life would be when I reached two meters. Poor me, I didn’t know at that moment that I had cultural genes that, with work, would exceed one point sixty.

What is Metro?

In most jobs, taking measurements correctly is one of the most critical tasks. The best success or failure of our DIY and craft activities will depend on this step. For this reason, in this One. How to article, we are going to explain the six types of meters to measure that currently exist, and that will help you to assemble your furniture in an optimal way and without any problem. Taking reasonable measures is essential for your DIY tasks to go well, so don’t think about it!

What is Fashion?

They are predicted trends, and designers create their collections based on those trends. The period that fashion lasts is concise, so each season, the most faithful followers of fashion have to discard what is “out” and incorporate what is “in”. These followers become designer puppets, so they have no style.

The Emergence of the Term Fashion Metro Sexual

The Emergence of the Term Fashion Metro Sexual

The term includes the prefix metro (from metropolis) since this trend developed in the urban sphere and large cities. The journalist and writer Mark Simpson proposed the concept in 1994 to define a new type of man. It could be said that a metrosexual is a man who lives in a city, is aware of the latest fashion trends, capitalizes a lot of money on garments, takes care of his casing with cosmetic creams and goes for a manicure. Metro sexuality is not linked to sexual preference: metrosexuals can be straight, gay, or bisexual.

The metrosexual man seeks to please himself; therefore, he invests time and money in his aesthetic appearance. Unlike what could occur in the past, he fixes not to hide his behavior but instead manifests it publicly.

What is Style?

Style is the opposite of fashion and a more personal concept where you choose what you like without being a follower. Unlike technique, style is durable, and it is something very unique because it characterizes you. Through your style, you communicate how you are and what you like.

Breaking Stereo Types of Fashion Metro

Metro’s sexuality, therefore, breaks with the typecast of the rustic man who tries to highlight his masculinity. On the contrary, the metrosexual is frighten to show his female side, a choice that, in certain civilizations, generates rejection and public ridicule. English football player David Beckham often regard as a symbol of metrosexuals.

It is essential to point out that homosexuality is not straight linked to the adoption of customs and personality characteristics of the conflicting gender. Whenever metro sexuality discuss, it is clarified that it is relate to the taste of people of the same sex; Since both concepts are independent, this caveat is invalid. A man is homosexual if he chiefly attract to other men; apart from his sexual relations, he can be messy, neglect his hygiene, and enjoy soccer, car racing, video games and wrestling.

Fashion Metro Sexually and the Dominant Model of Beauty

About the model of beauty attractive men in today’s society, it is curious that the trend points to young people under twenty years of age, with tiny bodies and little or no facial hair, who very worries about their physical appearance and sartorial. The success of Justin Bieber is a clear example of the differences between the current concept of maleness and the one that prevailed when Frank Sinatra was the erotic myth of youth.

The cinema and television of new times have transformed the rude characters that in another era would have been Rambo and Terminator into advocates of aesthetics and perfection, forgoing their credibility in pursuit of an artificial style, which differentiates less and less from the actors of computer-generated models. In this case, many performers who, in their personal lives, do not care about their physical arrival to the point of fascination force to represent authentic living mannequins.

Fashion Metro Sexually of Appearance and Personal Care

The term metrosexual first appears in the article Here Come to the Mirror Men by fashion journalist Mark Simpson. In published in 1994 in the British newspaper The Independent.

The original word comes from a linguistic union between metropolitan and sexual, although they associate with homosexuality initially.

In 2002, the concept reformulate in the article. Meet the Metrosexual for the online magazine Silo, where the metrosexual redefines as the urban man who, regardless of sexual orientation, turn his interests towards consumption and personal care.

The metrosexual man interest in the latest fashion trend. He takes care of his skin, shaves or waxes his whole body, is almost always perfectly dressed and combed, his eyebrows well outlines, and his muscles work.

These characteristics, beyond the acceptance or criteria of others, allow the “metro” to like themselves; they do not hide their behavior but rather show it publicly.

Metro’s sexuality breaks with the stereotype of a rustic and rude man that has prevailed historically.

Lumber Sexual, the Antithesis of the “Metro Man”

Lumber Sexual, the Antithesis of the "Metro Man"

Lumber men aspire to look like loggers. Photo: Vanity Magazine. Recently, a new trend has overshadowed the imposed “metro” patterns: the lumbersexuals. The term comes from the English “lumberjack”, which means lumberjack.

Lumbersexuals have a bushy beard, rustic and somewhat sloppy clothes, a shirt (mainly cheered) and hiking or leather boots. The big, square glasses and cultured pants accompany the wardrobe.

The goal of his look is to look tough, emphasizing his “macho riveting” traits and seemingly. The  unconcerned about his appearance, a man who looks good without grooming. Despite this, most lumbersexuals invest a lot of time and money to give that free, practical, natural look.


By a strange mental association, I thought of the teacher’s subway. In when for the first time, I got in the car at the Insurgents’ station. My mental association led me to remember what Romeo said: “He’ll pay me when he grows up. He’ll pay me!” Romeo swore that the master would pay for all of them. Romeo said it because he was the most mischievous student. Therefore, the most “measured”. When I got in the car, between the crowds that entered and all those who left. If thought about the change of vocations of the instruments and junk of the world. My aunt Macura recommended that I be cautious with my wallet because there were many criminals in the Metro.

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