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Electronics Write for Us

Electronics Write for UsElectronics is the study of electricity which is the flow of electrons and how we use it to build things like computers. It use circuits made with components called components and connects the wires to do valuable things. The science of electronics comes from the study of physics and gets applied in real life through electrical engineering. People can name several simple electronic components, like transistors, batteries, circuit breakers, fuses, motors, transformers, bulbs, and LEDs. Still, as the number of features increases, it helps to think of smaller systems or blocks connected to do something useful.

Types of Electronics


Voltage is represented as water pressure; the height of the water tank determines that. The higher the tank gets, the higher the pressure. However, the size of the tank is not what matters. Rather, what matters is the different between the tank height and the ground height for pipes.


A resistor has the flow of electrical current. The resistance is measured in Ohms. A resistor is a passive component that consumes power dissipated as heat.


A capacitor stores the electrical energy. In many ways, a capacitor acts as a rechargeable battery. Capacitors and resistors are the two most commonly used electrical components.

Functions of Electronics

Electronic devices perform three main functions that are:

  • amplification
  • switching, and
  • oscillation

These all are part of circuits. A circuit contains a series of connected electron devices and other components. By combining the three functions in different ways, the engineers design electronic equipment that performs many functions, like the high-speed operations of computers.

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