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DNS Write for UsThe Domain name system (DNS) is the naming system for the services, computers, and other internet resources or the different internet protocol networks. It associates various information with the domain name assigned to each associated entity. It most prominently translates memorized domain names into the numerical IP address needed for locating and identifying the computer services and devices with the network protocols. The Domain Name System has become an essential component of the Internet since the year 1985.

Types of DNS Query

Recursive Query

In a recursive query, the DNS client provides a name, and the DNS Resolver must answer or respond with either a relevant record or an error message if it is not found. The resolver starts the process from the DNS Root Server until it considers the Authoritative Name Server, which consists of the IP address and other relevant information for the requested hostname.

Iterative query

In an iterative query, the DNS client provides a name, and the DNS Resolver returns its answer. If the DNS resolver has the relevant information of DNS records in its storage, it replaces them. If not, it refers to the DNS client nearest the Root Server to the required DNS zone. The DNS client must then repeat it directly against the DNS server as it was referred to.

Non-recursive query

A non-recursive query is that in which the DNS Resolver already knows the answer. It either immediately returns a DNS record because it already stores it in the local data or queries a DNS Name Server, which is authoritative for the record, which means it holds the correct IP address for that hostname. In both cases, there is no need for additional rounds of queries. Instead, a response is immediately returned to the client.

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