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amazon mini tv write for us

Amazon Mini TV Write for Us

The Amazon mini TV is a free and ad-supported video streaming service in the Amazon shopping app. The mini TV app is available on iOS and Android phones or the Amazon website. The Amazon mini TV was a slow start, but Amazon is investing lots of budget on it at a low price, so the users spent more and more time on the app. In India, it is generating more revenue than the subscription model. The Amazon mini content provides a lot of ad-supported stream inside the Amazon app. The aim is to offer the audience free content.

Launch of Amazon Mini TV

The Amazon mini TV was launched in May 2021. It consists of content like miniseries, comedy skits, gadget reviews, fashion and food videos, and clips from social media influencers. When the launch of Inity, the limitation of young for content was from 18 to 25, the ones who can’t afford the subscription. They added the mini TV at the center and front of the shopping app, and many studios are working to provide the content on the Amazon mini TV. To reach the Amazon mini TV is just the Amazon log in. They set the target of getting at least 2 million users per day. Amazon has also shut down businesses like food delivery and edtech because of favorable conditions.

But the Amazon mini TV has some profits because the audience watching it is also shopping more. So, the mini TV is cost-effective as customers are more attracted to Amazon shopping than wasting money on TV ads. If the profit continues, the other countries will also have the mini TV in the amazon shopping app. In 2022, they started the operation and also gained encouraging profits. They are getting positive audience feedback, and this content has become industry recognition.

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amazon mini tv write for us

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